Modern Lines

Gone are the days of functional awnings that look like they belong at your grandparent’s house. Apollo retractable awnings only come motorized. Our closed cassette system hides the fabric when fully retracted, blending in to your home and décor. Powder coated in modern colors, they bring the perfect amount of shade to your outdoor lifestyle.

Modern Convenience

Not only do our fully cassetted awnings look fantastic, they are highly functional, state of the art motorization technology that self tensions the awning fabric each and every time it deploys. Add a MOTORIZED solar shade to your awning for the ultimate sun protection while preserving your view.

Quality You Can Trust

Built to last, our retractable awnings are made in the USA with drop-forged components and substantial tooling. This is not a budget awning that you will have to replace in a year or less. Our 7 Year motor warranty is the best in business.


Retractable Awnings Built to Last Generations

Not all retractable awnings are created equal. We use a chain, rather than a cable system. Chains are made up of interconnected metal links, which provide a higher level of tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear compared to cables, which are composed of intertwined strands of metal wires. Our chain-driven mechanism distributes weight more evenly across the entire length of the chain, reducing the likelihood of sagging or uneven retraction.

Luxurious European Design

Tempotest exterior fabrics embody the perfect trifecta of sexy, elegant, and durable design, turning outdoor spaces into inviting retreats, perfect for your motorized awning. Their elegance shines through in the sophisticated weaving techniques and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting a rich European design heritage that effortlessly elevates any space.


A Finish To Stand the test of time

Not all finishes are created equal, especially when it comes to your retractable awning which will endure constant exposure to the sun 24/7, 365 days a year. While we are not the only company to powder coat our awnings, we take it a step further with our industry-leading pre-treatment and proprietary powder coating finish. Our finish surpasses AAMA 2604 specifications and has been tested with a 3,000 hour salt spray, ensuring its longevity. Our super durable finishes also include UV inhibitors that provide fade resistance and extend the life of the awning's finish.

Elevate Your Shade
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Modern retractable awnings revolutionize your lifestyle by providing a versatile and convenient solution for outdoor living spaces. These innovative awnings, equipped with motorized and automated features, allow for effortless control over shade and sun exposure, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor experiences. A modern full cassette awning tucks away elegantly when not in use, while changing your outdoor experience when deployed.
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