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Retractable Screen Doors Bergen County

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Because who wants to look at a screen door?

Elegant Functionality

Elegant Functionality

Each and every Apollo Retractable Screen Door includes an engineered, built in slow close device. Gone are the days of slamming roller type screens. A superior tracking system and well thought out design allow Apollo Screens to be as flush as possible to your doorway, ensuring each and every time you use your retractable screen they will expand and retract effortlessly, while minimizing your step.

The Modern Solution For a Bug Free Breeze

Sleek, modern lines were as important to our design as the function of Apollo retractable screen doors. We achieved it without sacrifice. Metal, die-cast handles built for looks as well as feel complement the design, making a cool, must-have addition to your home rather than an ugly screen door.

Modern Solution
Hand Crafted Custom Fit

Hand Crafted Custom Fit

No doorway is standard. Your home is special and so is every member of the family, including the furry ones. We want to make sure our screen works for you. Every retractable screen door is professionally measured, custom built, and installed by factory trained installers. You can only buy an Apollo Retractable Screen from a factory approved expert. We are the best retractable screen door experts you've been looking for.

Retractable Screen Doors

Front Doors, back doors, garage doors - Apollo Retractable Screens are a seamless addition to any single door opening. Designed to be sleek and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into the existing architecture of your home, Apollo gives you the next generation of retractable screen doors.

Single Door
French Double Screens

Retractable Screen Doors For French Doors

French doors make for a grand opening, unfortunately as much for the bugs as they do for the cool, crisp spring and summer breeze. An Apollo Retractable Screen Door fixes that problem for you with class and style. Made of the highest quality materials and engineered to last a lifetime, they become invisible in your doorway.

Retractable Sliding Screen Doors

Worse than looking at a screen is fighting with your patio doors. Apollo retractable screen systems will glide effortlessly with minimal preventative maintenance. Even better, when tucked away and not in use, a retractable screen door stays much cleaner than those dusty, worn out screens you're used to.

Payton Slider
Front Door Screen

Retractable Front Door Screens

You have a beautiful, inviting front door. You don't want to cover it with an unsightly screen door. That cross breeze you're missing out on is no problem, without damaging your curb appeal! Apollo Retractable Screen Doors are perfect for front doors!

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