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6 Tips How To Measure For A Retractable Sliding Door Screen (With Pics)

In the realm of modern home construction, vinyl sliders have emerged as a staple feature, particularly as patio doors. Their convenience, typically positioned just off the kitchen, offers homeowners an elegant transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, while the doors themselves have evolved over the years, becoming more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing, their accompanying sliding screens often lag behind. Traditional sliding screens tend to lose their smooth glide over time, becoming an eyesore and a nuisance to operate.

Enter retractable screen doors – the innovative upgrade for sliding door screens. This article delves into the world of retractable screen doors, specifically tailored for vinyl sliders, offering homeowners a solution that blends functionality with style. These screens are not just an addition to your home; they are a transformative element, enhancing both the utility and aesthetic of your living space. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to measure and install these modern marvels, taking your vinyl sliders to the next level.

Tools and Preparation for Measuring

Before embarking on the journey of upgrading your vinyl sliders with retractable screen doors, it’s essential to gather the right tools and prepare for the measuring process. You will need a ladder and a measuring tape – simple tools that play a crucial role in ensuring a perfect fit for your new screens.

Measuring for a retractable screen door is not just about getting the dimensions right; it’s about understanding the unique setup of your vinyl sliders. This preparation stage is crucial in ensuring that the retractable screen door not only fits perfectly but also functions seamlessly with your existing door setup. The retractable screen, when installed correctly, should integrate flawlessly with your door, maintaining the sleek look of your home while offering the added benefits of a screen.

Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring

Step 1: Identifying the Vinyl Sliding Glass Door Type

The first step in the measuring process is to identify the type of your vinyl sliding glass door. This is important because the type of door determines how the retractable screen will be mounted. In a traditional vinyl slider, the active glass panel, which moves, is usually positioned on the inside, while the stationary glass is layered towards the outside. Recognizing this arrangement is crucial for correct screen installation.

Step 2: Measuring the Active Door

When it comes to retractable screens, remember that you'll only be screening the active part of the door. This design ensures that when the screen retracts, it disappears into the doorframe, a significant advantage over traditional sliding screens. This step involves measuring the height and width of the active door to ensure the screen will fit and operate smoothly.

Step 3: Determining the Mounting Plane

The mounting plane is the surface area where the screen will be installed. It's imperative that this plane is clear of obstructions and complete on three sides: the top, bottom, and closure side. Ensuring a clear and suitable mounting plane is key to a successful installation.

Step 4: Measuring the Finished Height of the Retractable Screen Door

Accurately measuring the height is vital for a seamless fit. Start by ensuring a flat one-inch surface at the bottom for the bottom track. Measure from this point to the top of the same flat surface, checking in three different locations along the mounting side. This step accounts for any potential sag in the door. The shortest of these measurements is your go-to dimension for the height of the retractable screen door.

Step 5: Addressing the Housing Side

Next, turn your attention to the housing side of the screen. This part of the frame may not be flush with the rest of the doorframe, often floating a bit in space. This gap is not a problem – it's actually quite standard. To address this, order a vinyl bug flap alongside your screen, available in colors like white and black, to cover any gaps up to 2 inches.

Step 6: Measuring the Width of the Opening

The final step in the measuring process is to determine the width of the opening. While this measurement doesn't need to be as precise as the height (since the installer will custom-cut the tracks to fit), it's still important to ensure that you have enough material for installation. Measure the width of the door opening, giving the installer a rough idea of the space they will be working with.

Advantages of Retractable Screen Doors for Vinyl Sliders

Retractable screen doors offer numerous benefits, particularly for vinyl sliders. First and foremost, they provide the convenience of having a screen when you need it and an unobstructed view when you don’t. This flexibility is a significant upgrade over traditional sliding screens, which often remain in place, obstructing views and gathering dirt.

Moreover, retractable screens enhance your home's aesthetic. They roll up snugly into a housing unit when not in use, maintaining the beauty of your home without the bulky appearance of traditional screens. In addition, they offer better views, improved airflow, and contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for air conditioning during warmer months. For homes with vinyl sliders, retractable screens are not just a functional addition but also an investment in the home’s overall appeal and comfort.

Apollo Brand's Unique Selling Points

When it comes to retractable screen doors, Apollo stands out with its unique features and benefits. Apollo retractable screens are designed not to slam when retracted, a common issue with other brands. This feature ensures both safety and longevity of the screen.

The modern and attractive design of Apollo screens sets them apart in the market. These screens are not just functional; they are stylish additions to any home. They operate smoothly, thanks to their high-quality construction and meticulous design, which includes a metal ergonomic handle for ease of use.

Furthermore, Apollo retractable screens are custom measured and installed by factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality for your vinyl sliders. This level of customization and professional installation guarantees that your retractable screens will be a seamless, attractive, and durable part of your home.

FAQs: Measuring and Installing Retractable Screen Doors

  1. How do I know if a retractable screen door will fit my vinyl slider?

    • Measure the height and width of the door opening as described in the steps above. These measurements will guide you in selecting the right size.
  2. Can I install a retractable screen door myself?

    • Yes, with the right tools and some DIY skills, you can install a retractable screen door. However, for a perfect fit and operation, professional installation is recommended, especially for custom-fit models like Apollo screens.
  3. How do I maintain my retractable screen door?

    • Regular cleaning of the tracks and screen, along with periodic checks for alignment and tension, will keep your retractable screen door in good condition.
  4. What should I do if my retractable screen door is not retracting smoothly?

    • Check for any debris in the tracks and ensure the screen is properly aligned. If the problem persists, consult the installation guide or contact a professional for assistance.

Conclusion: Transforming Your Vinyl Sliders with Apollo Retractable Screens

Upgrading your vinyl sliders with Apollo retractable screens is more than just a home improvement project; it's an investment in your home's functionality and aesthetics. Apollo screens offer unparalleled ease of use, sleek design, and professional custom installation, setting them apart from other options in the market.

With the steps and tips provided in this article, you are now ready to measure, select, and install the perfect retractable screen door for your vinyl sliders. Transform your space with the modern convenience and style of Apollo retractable screens, and enjoy a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.