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Apollo Retractable Screens: Enhancing Outdoor Visibility and Indoor Comfort in Phoenix, Arizona

Apollo Retractable Screens: Enhancing Outdoor Visibility and Indoor Comfort in Phoenix, Arizona

In the sun-drenched neighborhoods of Phoenix, Arizona, the desire for a home that blends indoor comfort with outdoor accessibility is a common theme among residents. One particular installation of Apollo Retractable Screens stands out as a perfect example of how modern technology meets everyday practicality. Installed on a single slider door in a family home, this retractable screen has transformed the way the residents interact with their living space.

Seamless Integration with Lifestyle

The family's main requirement was the ability to keep an eye on the children playing in the pool while enjoying fresh air circulating through their home—without the nuisance of insects. Apollo Retractable Screens, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, provided an ideal solution. The screen installed was specifically designed for single slider doors, making it a perfect fit for the family’s home architecture.

Features and Benefits

Apollo's retractable screens are celebrated for their invisibility when not in use, ensuring they don't detract from the home's visual appeal. When deployed, the screen provides an almost transparent barrier, maintaining clear views of the outdoor pool area. This feature is particularly important in Phoenix, where observing outdoor activities from inside is a frequent need due to the hot climate.

The screens come equipped with a smooth, ergonomic metal handle that enhances user comfort and ensures ease of use. This is crucial in a household with children, where the screen might be moved frequently. Additionally, unlike other brands, Apollo screens are built to retract without slamming, thanks to their superior design and installation by factory-trained professionals. This adds to the longevity of the screen and provides peace of mind for homeowners concerned about safety and maintenance.

Custom Installation and Design

Each Apollo screen is custom measured and installed, ensuring a perfect fit that complements the home's existing design. For this Phoenix family, the custom installation meant that the screen did not just meet their functional needs but also matched the modern aesthetics of their home. The installation process, handled by professionals, was quick and efficient, minimizing disruption to the family’s daily activities.


The installation of the Apollo Retractable Screen on a single slider door in Phoenix has not only enhanced the functionality of the family’s home but also its overall comfort and style. It stands as a testament to how modern innovations in home fittings can seamlessly integrate with lifestyle needs, providing solutions that are both practical and visually appealing. Apollo Retractable Screens continue to be a preferred choice for homeowners looking to blend indoor comfort with an open, airy environment, free from pests but full of possibilities.