Apollo's Motorized Power Screens

Comfort and Function

A Seamless Integration of Comfort and Function Recognizing these concerns, Apollo Screens stepped in with their innovative solution: motorized power screens. These screens, known for their reliability and seamless operation, provided the homeowners with the much-needed shield from the sun's rays, reducing solar heat gain. But it wasn't just about solar protection. The screens also granted them the privacy they desired without compromising their view or the aesthetic appeal of their home. With just a push of a button, the screens roll down, transforming the living space into a private, comfortable haven. For these Boise homeowners, Apollo's intervention meant that they could now fully relish the beauty of their surroundings without any compromise.

Apollo's Motorized Power Screens

Privacy and Solar Protection

Boise Homeowners Seek Dual Benefits

In the picturesque region of Boise, Idaho, homeowners often seek to balance the spectacular views with their need for privacy. For one particular home, the glaring sun also posed challenges, intensifying the heat indoors and causing discomfort.

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