Apollo's Motorized Shade in Las Vegas

Meeting the Needs of Daytime Sleepers

The renowned sunlit landscape of Las Vegas, often synonymous with its vibrant daytime energy, poses a unique challenge for its residents. There's a subset of the city's population – be it late-shift workers, entertainers, or simply those cherishing a quiet daytime nap – who yearn for a serene, dark environment in broad daylight. For these individuals, Apollo Shades has crafted a specialized solution.

Apollo's Motorized Shade in Las Vegas

Twitchell's Dimout Fabric

The Gold Standard of Light Control

Recognizing the intricacies of the problem, Apollo partnered with Twitchell to incorporate the Dimout fabric into its motorized shades. This unique fabric is strategically designed to block out 99% of external light. It isn't just the fabric that does the magic, but also the intricate design of the shade. With fully encased tracks and a meticulously designed hem bar, it ensures a nearly complete blackout effect. The home transforms into a restful oasis, shielded from the city's radiant energy. Beyond its immediate functionality, Apollo's commitment to quality is evident in its assurance of durability, offering a generous 15-year warranty. For Las Vegas residents, this motorized shade isn't just a product, but a promise of peace and longevity.

Blackout Shade Las Vegas-4241.jpg