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Breathe Easy with Apollo's Single Front Retractable Screen Door in Glendale, AZ

Breathe Easy with Apollo's Single Front Retractable Screen Door in Glendale, AZ

Are you eager to let the fresh spring air flow through your home but dread the thought of uninvited bugs? The residents of a charming home in Glendale, Arizona, faced this exact dilemma. Eager to enjoy the balmy Arizona weather without the company of the local insect population, they turned to Apollo Screens for a solution. The result? The installation of an Apollo Single Front Retractable Screen Door, perfectly combining convenience with protection.

Effortless Integration and Superior Protection

Apollo's Retractable Screen Doors are renowned for their ability to merge seamlessly with any doorway, providing an almost invisible barrier when deployed. This particular installation in Glendale highlights how a single front retractable screen can integrate flawlessly into the existing structure of the home. The screen door offers an unobtrusive presence when not in use, thanks to its sleek, disappearing design that doesn't compromise the home's aesthetic.

Designed for Daily Use

Apollo's screen doors stand out in the market for their durability and user-friendly design. The model installed in this Glendale home features a robust, ergonomic metal handle, ensuring ease of use for all family members, from young children to the elderly. Unlike other screens that may slam or get stuck, Apollo screens glide smoothly along their tracks. This smooth operation is critical in extending the life of the screen and ensuring that it remains a practical addition to the home.

Custom Fit for Perfect Functionality

Each Apollo screen door is custom measured and meticulously installed by factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit for every doorway. This customization was particularly crucial for the Glendale home, where precise measurements were necessary to maintain the integrity and functionality of the screen. The installation process was quick and efficient, causing minimal disruption to daily life and providing immediate benefits.

A Breath of Fresh Air Without the Bugs

Since the installation, the homeowners have enjoyed an enhanced quality of life, relishing the ability to keep their front door open to welcome the gentle Arizona breeze. The Apollo Retractable Screen Door excels in its primary function—keeping out insects—allowing the family to enjoy fresh air without the intrusion of bugs.


The Apollo Single Front Retractable Screen Door represents a perfect blend of form and function. For those residing in areas like Glendale, where the weather invites an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, this screen door offers a practical, beautiful solution for keeping the bugs out while letting the fresh air in. If you're looking to transform your home's accessibility to nature without compromising on comfort or style, Apollo's retractable screen doors are the answer.