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Bringing a Breeze to Grandma's Front Door in South Boise, ID

Bringing a Breeze to Grandma's Front Door in South Boise, ID

Installation of Apollo's Retractable Screen Door: A Case Study

The Project: Grandma's Door Retractable

In the charming neighborhood of South Boise, ID, we had the pleasure of enhancing Grandma's house with our top-of-the-line retractable screen door. This project was more than just an installation; it was about bringing a loving breeze to a cherished family home.

Meeting Grandma's Needs

Grandma's front door needed both a functional and aesthetic upgrade. She wanted to enjoy the fresh, soothing breeze of Boise's summer without the nuisance of bugs. Our retractable screen door was the perfect solution, offering an elegant, seamless design that blends perfectly with her home's aesthetic.

The Installation Process

Our factory-trained professionals meticulously custom-measured and installed the retractable screen door to ensure a perfect fit. One of the standout features of Apollo's retractable screens is their smooth operation and modern, good-looking design. Unlike other brands, our screens do not slam when retracted, thanks to the advanced engineering and the ergonomic metal handle that makes usage a breeze – literally and figuratively.

A Loving Breeze Without Bugs

The result was a delightful transformation. Grandma can now open her front door to let in the fresh air, enjoying a bug-free environment. The screen is there when she needs it and disappears when she doesn't, thanks to its vanishing design. This invisible screen door brings both functionality and beauty to her home.

Why Choose Apollo Screens?

Apollo's retractable screen doors are renowned for their superior build quality and modern aesthetics. They are custom-built and installed by factory-trained professionals to ensure they operate smoothly and fit perfectly. The metal ergonomic handle adds a touch of elegance and practicality, making it easy for anyone to use.


In South Boise, ID, Grandma's home now enjoys the benefits of a loving breeze without the intrusion of bugs, thanks to Apollo's retractable screen door. This installation is a testament to how our products can enhance any home, providing both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal.

For more information on how our retractable screen doors can transform your home, contact us today. Experience the Apollo difference – where quality meets elegance.

This case study showcases how Apollo Screens can bring comfort and elegance to any home, fulfilling practical needs with a touch of love and care.