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Can you put in a screen door on double French doors? The Perfect Retractable Screen Doors for Front Double Doors

In the charming city of Escondido, San Diego, homeowners treasure their connection to the outdoors. The mild climate and beautiful scenery are reasons enough to embrace open-door living. However, the challenge of maintaining comfort and style while keeping out unwanted pests is real. Enter the world of retractable screen doors for front double doors – a solution that promises both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This article delves into why retractable screen doors, especially the Apollo Retractable Double Screens, are the perfect addition to your Escondido home.

Understanding Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are an innovative solution for homeowners looking to combine the outdoors' fresh air and beauty with the comfort of their indoor space. Unlike traditional screen doors, these modern marvels can be easily retracted into a sleek, unobtrusive housing when not in use. This feature ensures that your home's facade remains uncluttered and visually appealing, with the screen door virtually invisible.

The beauty of a retractable screen door lies in its seamless integration with your home’s existing architecture. Whether you have classic front double doors or modern French doors, the adaptability of retractable screens like those from Apollo Screens makes them a versatile choice for any home style in Escondido. The functional benefits are equally impressive. These screens provide effective ventilation, letting in a refreshing breeze while keeping out bugs and other outdoor elements.

Apollo Retractable Double Screens - The Ideal Choice for French Doors

When it comes to French doors, particularly front double doors, the Apollo Retractable Double Screens stand out. Designed to cover the entire opening, these screens ensure that the charm of your French doors is not compromised. The unique feature of the Apollo screens is their ability to accommodate the double-door system, offering the option to keep one side stationary with a French door kit. This flexibility is not just about functionality; it enhances the overall aesthetics of your doors, blending perfectly with their design.

The Apollo Retractable Double Screens offer more than just functionality and style. They are a testament to innovation in the world of screen doors. With their smooth operation and modern look, these screens are a cut above the rest. They are equipped with a metal ergonomic handle, ensuring ease of use and longevity. The screens' design allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – an unobstructed view and fresh air when you want it and a clean, elegant look when you don’t.


The Unique Advantages of Retractable Screen Doors in Escondido's Climate

Escondido, with its idyllic climate, offers the perfect setting for retractable screen doors. The Apollo Retractable Screens, in particular, provide homeowners in Escondido a unique advantage. San Diego Apollo screens are designed to let in a gentle breeze, creating a comfortable and inviting indoor environment. At the same time, they effectively keep out unwanted insects and debris. The climate in Escondido, characterized by warm summers and mild winters, makes it ideal for year-round usage of these screens, enhancing the quality of living in this beautiful region.

The ability to enjoy a breeze without the annoyance of bugs is a simple pleasure that Apollo Screens elevates to an art form. Whether you're hosting a summer evening dinner or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon, the retractable screens ensure your home stays comfortable and bug-free. This feature is particularly important in areas like Escondido, where outdoor living is a significant part of the lifestyle.

Customization and Installation by Apollo Screens’ Professionals

When it comes to installation, Apollo Retractable Screens offers a seamless process handled by factory-trained professionals. Each Apollo retractable screen is custom measured and installed, ensuring a perfect fit for your front double doors. This level of customization is crucial, as it guarantees not only the functionality of the screens but also maintains the aesthetic integrity of your home.

The installation process by Apollo’s experts is meticulous, ensuring that each screen operates smoothly and looks great. This attention to detail is what sets Apollo apart. The screens are built with superior craftsmanship and designed to blend seamlessly with your home's architecture. The metal ergonomic handle adds to the ease of use, making the opening and closing of the screen effortless and smooth.

Maintenance and Durability of Apollo Retractable Screens

Durability and ease of maintenance are key factors that contribute to the appeal of Apollo Retractable Screens. These screens are built to last, using high-quality materials that withstand the test of time and weather conditions in Escondido. Regular maintenance is straightforward and minimal, ensuring that your screens remain in top condition with little effort.

To maintain your Apollo screens, a simple routine of wiping down the tracks and screen material is usually sufficient. This ensures that the screens continue to retract smoothly and stay free of debris. The high-quality mesh used in Apollo screens is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting protection and visibility.

Customer Experiences in Escondido with Apollo Screens

Escondido residents who have chosen Apollo Retractable Double Screens for their homes have shared overwhelmingly positive experiences. Homeowners rave about the enhanced comfort and convenience these screens have brought to their lives. One Escondido resident described how the Apollo screens transformed their home's double doors, allowing them to enjoy the outdoor breeze without worrying about bugs. Another highlighted the aesthetic appeal, noting how the screens complemented their home’s style without being obtrusive.

These testimonials underscore the impact of Apollo Retractable Screens beyond just their functional benefits. They have become a lifestyle choice for many in Escondido, integrating seamlessly with the indoor-outdoor living that is so cherished in this region. The satisfaction expressed by these customers speaks volumes about the quality and service provided by Apollo Screens.

FAQs About Retractable Screen Doors for Front Double Doors

In this section, we address some of the most commonly asked questions about retractable screen doors, particularly for front double doors:

  1. Can retractable screens be installed on any front double door?

    • Yes, Apollo Retractable Screens are customizable to fit any front double door.
  2. How do retractable screens handle strong winds?

    • Apollo screens are designed to withstand normal wind conditions and provide stability and durability.
  3. Are the screens easy to use?

    • Absolutely. The ergonomic handle and smooth operation make Apollo screens user-friendly.
  4. What maintenance is required for these screens?

    • Minimal maintenance, such as occasional cleaning of the tracks and mesh, is sufficient to keep the screens in perfect condition.

How to Get Your Apollo Retractable Screens in Escondido

To get started with enhancing your Escondido home with Apollo Retractable Screens, reach out for a free consultation. Our team is ready to provide you with a detailed quote and answer any further questions you may have. You can visit our showroom to see the screens in action or schedule an appointment for us to come to you.

Remember, choosing Apollo means opting for quality, style, and unparalleled customer service. Don’t wait to bring the convenience and elegance of Apollo Retractable Screens to your home.


Apollo Retractable Screens are more than just a functional addition to your front double doors; they are a statement of style and comfort. In Escondido’s beautiful climate, these screens offer the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment. With Apollo, you’re not just installing a screen door; you’re enhancing your lifestyle. Contact us today to make the most of your home’s potential with Apollo Retractable Screens.