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Case Study: Enhancing a Beautiful Front Door with an Apollo Retractable Screen Door in Kuna, ID

Case Study: Enhancing a Beautiful Front Door with an Apollo Retractable Screen Door in Kuna, ID


In Kuna, ID, a homeowner with a beautiful front door wanted to enjoy the fresh air without compromising the aesthetics of their entrance. They chose Apollo Screens for a sleek, seamless solution: a retractable screen door in Desert Sand.

The Challenge

The homeowner's front door was a tall, striking feature of their home. They wanted to maintain its visual appeal while adding functionality. Traditional screen doors were not an option, as they would detract from the door's beauty.

The Solution

Apollo Screens provided the perfect answer with a custom retractable screen door. This disappearing screen allows the homeowner to keep their door's charm while enjoying a bug-free breeze.

Key Features of the Installation

  1. Invisible When Not in Use: The retractable screen door from Apollo Screens is designed to be there when needed and out of sight when not. This feature was crucial for the homeowner, who wanted to maintain the pristine look of their front entrance.

  2. Smooth Operation: The screen door operates effortlessly, ensuring that the homeowner can quickly and easily open or close it. Apollo Screens are known for their smooth operation, a hallmark of their superior design and construction.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The metal ergonomic handle makes it easy to use the screen door. Its modern look complements the home's aesthetics, adding to the overall appeal rather than detracting from it.

  4. Custom Fit: The screen door was custom measured and installed by Apollo's factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless function. The Desert Sand color was chosen to blend seamlessly with the existing door and home decor.


For homeowners who value both beauty and functionality, Apollo's retractable screen doors are an ideal choice. In Kuna, ID, this installation allowed the homeowner to enjoy fresh air without compromising the elegant look of their front door. Apollo Screens proved to be a reliable, aesthetically pleasing solution, enhancing the home's entrance while providing practical benefits.