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Case Study: Enhancing a La Palma Home with a Dutch Door Screen Installation

Case Study: Enhancing a La Palma Home with a Dutch Door Screen Installation

Dutch Door Screen Installation in La Palma, CA

Client: Homeowner in La Palma, CA
Product: Retractable Screen Door
Focus Keyword: Dutch Door Screen


In the charming neighborhood of La Palma, CA, a homeowner sought to enhance their picturesque Dutch door without compromising its aesthetic appeal. The goal was to enjoy a refreshing breeze while keeping insects at bay. Apollo Screens provided the perfect solution with our custom-measured retractable screen door.

Project Overview

To install a retractable screen on a Dutch door, allowing the homeowner to enjoy ventilation without insects, while maintaining the door's attractive appearance.

Apollo Screens' retractable screen door, designed to integrate seamlessly with the Dutch door, providing functionality and preserving the door's visual charm.

Installation Process

  1. Consultation and Measurement:
    Our factory-trained professionals visited the La Palma home for a detailed consultation. Precise measurements were taken to ensure a perfect fit for the unique dimensions of the Dutch door.

  2. Customization:
    The retractable screen was custom-made to match the door's specifications. Our screens are known for their modern design, smooth operation, and high-quality materials.

  3. Installation:
    The installation process was swift and efficient. Our experts ensured that the screen was securely fitted and operated smoothly, with no slamming upon retraction thanks to Apollo's advanced design features.


Aesthetic Integration:
The retractable screen door blended seamlessly with the Dutch door, maintaining its beautiful appearance. The screen remains out of sight when not in use, preserving the door's classic look.

Functional Benefits:
The homeowner can now use the Dutch door as intended—opening the top half to let in fresh air while keeping the bottom half closed to prevent bugs from entering. This setup allows for excellent ventilation without compromising security or aesthetics.

Customer Feedback:
The homeowner expressed great satisfaction with the installation, appreciating the ease of use and the added functionality without altering the look of their beloved door.


This Dutch door screen installation in La Palma, CA, showcases how Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors can enhance home functionality and aesthetics. By allowing homeowners to use their doors as intended—enjoying a breeze without bugs—Apollo Screens provides a perfect blend of practicality and style.

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