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Case Study: Enhancing Airflow in Solana with Apollo's Large Door Manual Screen

Case Study: Enhancing Airflow in Solana with Apollo's Large Door Manual Screen

Project Overview

In the serene neighborhood of Solana, California, a homeowner sought an innovative solution to enjoy the gentle breezes without the annoyance of insects. The challenge was significant: how to cover a massive 14-foot doorway that opened to a stunning outdoor view. Apollo Screens stepped up with its state-of-the-art Large Door Manual Screen, designed to provide optimal airflow and insect protection in large spaces.

The Challenge

Traditional screen solutions for such large openings often involve cumbersome installations and can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a home’s architecture. The homeowner wanted a solution that would be both effective and visually unobtrusive, allowing them to maintain the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Apollo’s Solution

Apollo Screens, known for their custom, high-quality retractable screen doors, provided the perfect answer with their Large Door Manual Screen. This screen is capable of covering openings up to 14 feet with a single, smooth-operating unit. Unlike other screens, Apollo's product features a metal ergonomic handle and operates very smoothly, ensuring it doesn’t slam when retracted. This is crucial for maintaining peace and extending the longevity of the screen.


The installation was carried out by factory-trained professionals who custom measured and installed the screen to ensure a perfect fit. This precision not only enhances the functionality of the screen but also its durability and aesthetic integration into the home's design.

Results and Benefits

The installation was a resounding success. The homeowner was able to transform their living space, bringing in the much-desired natural airflow without the bugs. The screen’s ability to disappear when not in use preserved the visual appeal of the home’s architecture, making it a seamless addition. The robust construction and modern design of the Apollo screen further ensured that the screen added value both in terms of utility and style.


The Large Door Manual Screen from Apollo Screens exemplifies how modern technology can align with user needs to enhance lifestyle quality without compromising home design. In Solana, CA, Apollo Screens not only met the challenge but exceeded expectations, delivering a product that blends seamlessly, operates flawlessly, and lasts beautifully.