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Case Study: Enhancing Modern Sliding Doors with Patio Retractable Screens in Bensenville, IL

Case Study: Enhancing Modern Sliding Doors with Patio Retractable Screens in Bensenville, IL


Modern sliding doors are a beautiful addition to any home, offering seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, they deserve better screens that complement their elegance. In Bensenville, IL, one homeowner discovered the perfect solution with Apollo’s patio retractable screens. These screens are not only invisible when not in use but also enhance the modern aesthetics of the sliding doors.


The Project

The installation took place in a stylish residence in Bensenville, IL, where the homeowner sought a screening solution that would not detract from the sleek, contemporary design of their sliding doors. The challenge was to find screens that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Apollo Screens provided the ideal solution with their retractable patio screens.

Installation Highlights

  • Seamless Integration: Apollo’s retractable screens are designed to disappear when not in use, maintaining the clean lines of the modern sliding doors. The screens are there when you need them and vanish when you don't, blending perfectly with the home's design.
  • Modern and Attractive: Unlike traditional screens, Apollo’s retractable screens are sleek and stylish. The homeowner noted, “You can’t even tell they are there, can you? So pretty. So modern.”
  • Smooth Operation: These screens operate smoothly without the annoying slamming typical of other brands. The metal ergonomic handle adds to the ease of use, providing a comfortable grip and modern look.
  • Custom Measured and Installed: Each screen was custom measured and installed by Apollo's factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.


  • Unobstructed Views: The retractable screens do not obstruct the view when retracted, allowing for full enjoyment of the outdoor scenery.
  • Increased Comfort: They provide a breeze without bugs, enhancing the comfort of the outdoor space without compromising on style.
  • Durability and Quality: Built with high-quality materials, these screens are designed to last, offering long-term value and satisfaction.


The installation of Apollo’s patio retractable screens in Bensenville, IL, demonstrates how modern homes can benefit from innovative screening solutions. These screens enhance the beauty and functionality of modern sliding doors, proving that you don’t have to compromise on style to enjoy a bug-free breeze. For homeowners looking to upgrade their outdoor living spaces, Apollo Screens offers the perfect blend of elegance and practicality.