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Case Study: Long Pull Retractable Door Installation in Encinitas, CA

Case Study: Long Pull Retractable Door Installation in Encinitas, CA

Transforming Homes with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors

In the beautiful coastal city of Encinitas, CA, Apollo Screens recently completed an impressive installation of a long pull retractable door. This case study highlights the exceptional quality and advanced technology of Apollo Screens, demonstrating why they stand out from regular retractable screens.

Project Overview

Location: Encinitas, CA

Product: Long Pull Retractable Door

Apollo Screens were chosen for this project due to their superior quality and innovative features. The homeowner in Encinitas sought a solution that would allow them to enjoy the coastal breeze without the nuisance of bugs, all while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their home.

Superior Quality and Innovative Features

Apollo Screens are renowned for their high quality, surpassing that of regular retractable screens. This installation utilized Apollo’s advanced tracking and slow-close technology, allowing for the coverage of large doorways with a single screen. The metal ergonomic handle not only adds to the modern look but also ensures smooth and effortless operation.

Key Benefits of Apollo Retractable Screen Doors

  • Invisible When Not in Use: These screens are designed to be there when you need them and out of sight when you don't. Often referred to as invisible, vanishing, or disappearing screens, they seamlessly blend into the home’s design.
  • No Slamming: Unlike other brands, Apollo Screens retract smoothly without slamming, thanks to their slow-close technology.
  • Custom Fit and Installation: Each screen is custom measured and installed by factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Client Satisfaction

The homeowner in Encinitas was thrilled with the results. The new retractable screen door not only enhanced the functionality of their home but also added a touch of elegance. They can now enjoy fresh air and unobstructed views without worrying about insects.


This installation in Encinitas, CA, showcases the excellence of Apollo Screens' long pull retractable doors. With superior quality, innovative features, and professional installation, Apollo Screens provide a perfect solution for modern homes. If you’re looking to enhance your living space with the best retractable screen doors on the market, Apollo Screens are the clear choice.