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Case Study: Off White Single Retractable Screen Door Installation in Canton, GA

Case Study: Off White Single Retractable Screen Door Installation in Canton, GA

Introducing the Bug-Free, Smooth, Easy-to-Use, Single Screen, Retractable Screen – Perfect for Any Door or Window

In the charming neighborhood of Canton, GA, the Adams family was in search of a sleek and functional solution to enjoy the pleasant outdoor breeze without inviting unwelcome bugs into their home. Their search led them to Apollo Screens, where they found the perfect answer: an off white single retractable screen door.

The Installation

The Adams family wanted a screen door that would not only keep bugs out but also complement the aesthetics of their home. They opted for the off white color, which blended seamlessly with their existing decor. Our team of factory-trained professionals arrived at their residence for a custom measurement to ensure a perfect fit.

The installation process was straightforward, thanks to the high-quality design and engineering of Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors. Unlike traditional screen doors, our products are modern and attractive, featuring a metal ergonomic handle for ease of use.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the challenges we faced was the uneven door frame, a common issue in older homes. However, our skilled technicians were able to adjust the installation to accommodate these imperfections, ensuring a smooth and flush fit. This meticulous attention to detail is what sets Apollo Screens apart from the competition.

Customer Satisfaction

The Adams family was thrilled with their new retractable screen door. Not only did it provide the desired functionality by keeping bugs out and allowing fresh air in, but it also remained out of sight when not in use. The smooth operation and silent retraction, a hallmark of Apollo Screens, impressed them immensely. Unlike other brands that might slam shut, our retractable screens offer a quiet and gentle closure, adding to the overall user experience.


The off white single retractable screen door installed in Canton, GA, is a prime example of how Apollo Screens combines functionality, aesthetics, and quality. It is perfect for any door or window, providing a seamless and enjoyable solution for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces. If you're considering an upgrade to your home, Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors are the way to go – offering a breeze without the bugs, and beauty without the hassle.