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Case Study: Sliding Patio Screen Door Installation in Meridian, ID

Case Study: Sliding Patio Screen Door Installation in Meridian, ID


In Meridian, ID, a homeowner was tired of constantly battling with their old sliding patio door. The door was cumbersome, difficult to use, and far from efficient in keeping the bugs out while allowing a fresh breeze in. The homeowner decided it was time for an upgrade and chose an Apollo Retractable Screen Door to solve their issues.

Project Overview

Location: Meridian, ID
Product: Apollo Retractable Screen Door
Keyword Focus: Sliding Patio Screen Door


The homeowner's existing sliding door was outdated and problematic. It often got stuck, required excessive force to operate, and didn't provide a satisfactory seal against insects. Additionally, the door's design was not aesthetically pleasing and did not match the modern look the homeowner desired.


Apollo Screens offered the perfect solution with their Retractable Screen Door. Known for their smooth operation and sleek design, Apollo's screens are custom-measured and installed by factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless functionality.

Key Features of Apollo Retractable Screen Doors:

  • Smooth Operation: Unlike traditional sliding doors, Apollo screens glide effortlessly, thanks to their advanced engineering and high-quality components.
  • Ergonomic Metal Handle: The stylish and comfortable handle adds to the ease of use.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The screens are designed to complement modern home decor, enhancing the overall look of the patio area.
  • Discreet Presence: When not in use, the screen retracts out of sight, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.
  • Durability: Built to last, Apollo screens are more robust and reliable than many other brands on the market.

Installation Process

The installation process was handled by Apollo's expert team. They started by taking precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The installation was completed efficiently, with minimal disruption to the homeowner's routine. The new screen door was put through rigorous testing to confirm its smooth operation and secure fit.

Customer Feedback

The homeowner was thrilled with the transformation. They noted the immediate difference in the ease of use and the enhanced aesthetic appeal. "Stop fighting your sliding patio door. Upgrade to the smooth, easy-to-use Apollo Retractable Screen," they recommended to friends and neighbors. The new screen not only improved the functionality of their patio door but also added a touch of modern elegance to their home.


This case study from Meridian, ID, highlights the significant benefits of upgrading to an Apollo Retractable Screen Door. It showcases how Apollo Screens can solve common problems associated with traditional sliding doors, providing a superior solution that combines functionality, durability, and style. If you're facing similar issues with your sliding patio door, consider the seamless and sophisticated option that Apollo Retractable Screen Doors offer.