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Casper vs Apollo Retractable Screen Doors

Casper vs Apollo Retractable Screen Doors

In the world of home improvements, retractable screen doors stand out for their ability to combine functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. Among the many options available, Casper Retractable Screens and Apollo Screens are two brands that have garnered significant attention. Both brands offer solutions that promise to enhance the comfort and beauty of homes without compromising on design. This comparative analysis aims to delve into the similarities and differences between these two leading products, providing homeowners with the insights needed to make an informed choice.

The Essence of Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors represent a modern solution to an age-old problem: how to enjoy the fresh air and natural light that come with open doors without inviting in unwanted insects or compromising the home's aesthetic. These screens are ingeniously designed to be there when you need them and to disappear when you don't, preserving the visual appeal of your entryways. Both Casper and Apollo embody this principle, offering products that blend seamlessly with any architectural style, ensuring that the beauty of your home remains uninterrupted.

Superior Finish: The Advantage of Powder Coating

One aspect where Casper and Apollo stand shoulder to shoulder is in their choice of powder coating for their screen doors. Unlike traditional wet painting, powder coating provides a finish that is not only more durable but also resistant to chipping, fading, and wearing. This means that regardless of whether you choose Casper or Apollo, you are guaranteed a product that will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come, even in the face of harsh environmental elements.

Installation Efficiency: Casper's Simplified Approach

Casper Retractable Screens prides itself on the speed of its installation process. The brand's streamlined approach allows for the screen to be built on-site, often in the driveway, enabling immediate installation post-sale. This method is particularly advantageous for homeowners looking for a quick upgrade without the hassle of multiple appointments. However, it's worth noting that this efficiency comes at the cost of limited customization options, which might not suit every architectural requirement.

Casper Retractable Screen Track 

Precision Customization: Apollo's Reduced Tripping Fit

In contrast, Apollo Screens places a significant emphasis on customization. The brand's meticulous attention to detail ensures that each screen door is tailored to fit the specific dimensions and aesthetic requirements of your home. This often involves a two-step process, including an initial measurement and a subsequent installation appointment, allowing for a perfectly flush mount, eliminating most tripping hazards often associated with retractable screen doors. They use seven different adapters in 7 different colors, so the measure appointment allows them to determine what the correct adapter is for your doorway. Casper tracks always are one inch higher than the threshold of your door.

Casper Screen Handle Apollo Screen Handle

Handle Design: Plastic vs Die Cast Handles

When it comes to handle design, Apollo Screens takes the lead with its ergonomic, metal handles. These handles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a superior tactile experience, thanks to their cushioned grip. Furthermore, their durable, die-cast construction ensures that they remain color-fast and resistant to wear, contrasting with Casper's use of plastic or nylon handles, which may not age as gracefully.

Casper vs Apollo Bending a Casper Retractable Screen Door

Material Strength and Durability

The durability of a retractable screen door is paramount, and this is where Apollo Screens again stands out. The brand uses extrusions that are significantly thicker and more robust than those used by Casper, making them virtually immune to bending or warping. This increased material strength ensures that Apollo's screen doors are built to last, offering unparalleled resilience against everyday use and environmental stressors. You don't have to be an expert to see and feel the difference in the weight of both products.

Screen Tracking Systems

Both Casper and Apollo have developed unique solutions to guide their screens along the track. Casper employs a plastic guide, which, while effective, may be prone to wear or displacement over time. Apollo, on the other hand, uses a grip track system that securely holds the screen in place, greatly reducing the likelihood of derailment and ensuring smooth operation for years to come. 

Casper Screen Magnet

Magnets and Closure

The magnetic closures of retractable screen doors are a critical component, not just for functionality but also for aesthetics. Casper uses a full-length magnet, which necessitates additional material on the frame of single doors, potentially impacting the door's visual symmetry. Apollo opts for a more discreet approach, employing a small, 3-inch strike plate that preserves the door's sleek, minimalist look. This subtle difference highlights Apollo's commitment to aesthetics and design harmony.

FAQs: Clarifying Your Choices

To assist in your decision-making process, here are some frequently asked questions about retractable screen doors:

  • How do powder-coated finishes compare to traditional paint? Powder coating offers superior durability and resistance to environmental damage, ensuring that your screen door maintains its appearance over time.

  • Can the installation process impact the final look of the screen door? Yes, the installation method can significantly affect the door's integration with your home's design. Apollo's customized approach ensures a flush fit, while Casper's efficient on-site installation may involve visible modifications.

  • Are metal handles better than plastic or nylon? Metal handles, such as those used by Apollo, offer better durability and a more premium feel, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functional value of the screen door.


Apollo Retractable Screens vs Casper Retractable Screens


Choosing between Casper Retractable Screens and Apollo Screens comes down to prioritizing what matters most to you in a retractable screen door. If immediate installation and efficiency are your primary concerns, Casper offers a compelling solution. However, for those who value customization, aesthetic integration, and durability, Apollo Screens presents a superior option. Both brands excel in their respective areas, ensuring that no matter your choice, the addition of a retractable screen door will enhance your home's functionality and style.

This comparative analysis has delved into the key similarities and differences between Casper and Apollo retractable screen doors, providing a comprehensive overview to guide your selection. Remember, the best choice is the one that aligns with your specific needs, architectural requirements, and aesthetic preferences.