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Apollo's Motorized Power Screens

A Seamless Integration of Comfort and Function Recognizing these concerns, Apollo Screens stepped in with their innovative solution: motorized power screens. These screens, known for their reliability and seamless operation, provided the homeowner...

Tamarack ski resort in McCall, Idaho

Nestled in the heart of McCall, Idaho, Tamarack Ski Resort is renowned not just for its skiing opportunities, but also for its commitment to providing unparalleled guest experiences. In its latest endeavor to enhance its aesthetics without compromising on functionality, the resort has chosen a mo...

Power Screen Amplifies Patio Pleasures

Amidst the captivating landscape of the Boise Foothills, a home has brought innovation right to its doorstep. The latest addition, a power screen, stands as a testament to the homeowner's commitment to comfort, functionality, and style.

Screened Porch with Motorized Shades in McCall, Idaho

Escape to the serenity of McCall, Idaho, where Apollo Screens introduces an unparalleled addition to your mountain home – a screened porch surrounded by motorized shades. With the simple touch of a button, transform your porch into a shaded...