Exterior WIndow Shade Las Vegas-1623.jpg
Apollo's Motorized Shade in Las Vegas

The renowned sunlit landscape of Las Vegas, often synonymous with its vibrant daytime energy, poses a unique challenge for its residents. There's a subset of the city's population – be it late-shift workers, entertainers, or simply those cherishing a quiet daytime nap – who ye...

All Seasons Screen Replacement in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas homeowner was initially drawn to the allure of the All Seasons Retractable Screen by Polar Shade. However, after a period of usage, it became apparent that the screen was not living up to its promises, leading to disappointment and inconvenience.Hard to use, and delicate to step on, t...

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Motorized Shade Installation in Lake Las Vegas

A serene residence in the beautiful Lake Las Vegas neighborhood wanted to capitalize on the joys of their California room. Like many homeowners, they envisioned a space where they could enjoy the outdoors without the persistent interference of bugs and the glaring sun. This aspiration, however, w...