Pergola Shade with Cable Retention System

Escape to your personal haven in Riverside, where Apollo Screens introduces a game-changing addition – a pergola shade featuring a cable retention system. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and practicality as you bask in the shade of you...

Menifee Hills California Room Screen

Discover the art of maximizing space and privacy in Menifee Hills, California. Apollo Screens introduces a transformative addition - a screen for your California room that extends your living area while ensuring daytime privacy. Embrace the freed...

Apollo Powerscreens in Meadowlark Community, Murrieta, CA

In the picturesque Meadowlark community of Murrieta, California, a new realm of outdoor living awaits. Introducing a truly transformative addition to your home: a California Room enveloped in the innovation of Apollo Powerscreens. With a focus on seamless integration and unmatched functionality,...

Apollo Motorized Patio Shades in Menifee

Experience the epitome of outdoor living with Apollo's motorized patio shades, transforming a Menifee home into a seamless oasis. These innovative shades act as a protective shield, sealing the patio space and keeping pesky bugs at bay. Say g...

Motorized Cable Guided Shades in Murrieta, CA

Discover a serene oasis in the heart of Murrieta, CA, as our delighted homeowner embraces the ultimate living experience with motorized cable guided shades in their California room. Even with an unfinished backyard, they can now savor the beauty o...