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Apollo's All-Weather Solution

Understanding the need for a multifunctional space, Apollo Motorized Shades stepped in with a proposal that addressed both solar protection and insect invasion. With the installation of these precision-engineered shades, the patio was seamlessly enclosed, offering reprieve from both scorching sun...

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Apollo's Transformative Touch

Enter Apollo Screen and Shade. Recognizing the unique challenge posed by the pergola's design and material, Apollo offered a tailored solution. With the installation of a motorized screen system, the homeowner now had the ability to control the sunlight exposure with just the push of a button...

From Alumawood to Ultimate Comfort

Situated in scenic Folsom, California, a homeowner sought to maximize the potential of their alumawood pergola. While the pergola offered an aesthetic charm, the pressing Californian sun often diminished its allure as a relaxation spot.

El Dorado Hills Transformation

Within the picturesque surroundings of El Dorado Hills, a discerning homeowner envisioned a sanctuary free from the relentless sun and unwelcome pests. Their California room, an embodiment of West Coast relaxation, became the focal point of this transformative vision.

Elevating Outdoor Comfort

Gazebos, often a centerpiece in outdoor spaces, have now been taken a step further in terms of functionality and aesthetics. A recent project involved the integration of a motorized gazebo screen tailored to the unique needs of the customer. The...

Motorized Sun Blockers for El Dorado Hills Patio

Introducing a new level of outdoor comfort in El Dorado Hills – Apollo Screens presents a dual motorized shade solution that elevates your patio experience. With a focus on shielding you from the sun's intense glare, these shades redefine your outdoor entertainment. Whether you're c...

Retractable Front Door Screen in El Dorado Hills Home

Step into a realm of unobtrusive elegance with Apollo Screens' transformative addition to an El Dorado Hills home. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality as the homeowner introduces a retractable screen to their front door. T...

Motorized Gazebo Shade in Folsom

Step into a world of unparalleled outdoor luxury with Apollo Screens' latest installation in Folsom - a motorized gazebo shade. Crafted to perfection, this shade is not just an addition; it's a game-changer. With its 97 Nano black fabric, it offers a unique combination of features that re...

Motorized Exterior Window Shade in Granite Bay

Experience the ultimate comfort and protection near Sacramento in Granite Bay with Apollo's motorized exterior window shade. This innovative installation boasts Nano 95 Stone Texture fabric, designed to combat indoor heat and shield your inter...

Motorized Screens for Patios and Window Shades Sacramento

Our Folsom Client had a big sun problem on not only their patio but also their living spaces. Extreme heat and glare in the summer. An Apollo motorized retractable patio screen was the clear solution - in fact, the installation was for 4 beautiful...