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Elevate Your Beachfront Home with Apollo French Door Screens

In the heart of Long Beach, California, a coastal city known for its stunning ocean views and vibrant lifestyle, homeowners are embracing a trend that marries functionality with style: French door screens. Particularly in areas like downtown Long Beach, where homes are graced with scenic vistas and ocean breezes, the demand for an unobtrusive yet effective screen solution is on the rise. This is where Apollo retractable screens come into play, offering a perfect blend of indoor-outdoor living without compromising the aesthetic appeal of homes.

One striking example of this trend is an elevated home on the second story in downtown Long Beach. This residence, adorned with a double sliding glass patio door, sought a screen solution that could match its architectural uniqueness and the owner's desire for uninterrupted views and fresh air. Apollo french door screens, with their seamless design and innovative functionality, were the perfect answer. Not just a screen door, but a system that provides a perfect breeze, clear views, and a modern look that complements the coastal vibe of Long Beach homes.

The Apollo Difference: Seamless Blend of Aesthetics and Utility

Apollo's French door screens stand out in Long Beach, CA for their unique ability to blend effortlessly into any home's design. These screens are often described as invisible, vanishing, or disappearing - and for good reason. They are there when you need them and out of sight when you don't, a feature that is especially beneficial for French doors, which are often chosen for their panoramic views and aesthetic appeal.

In Long Beach, with its picturesque beachfront and sunny skies, homeowners prioritize maintaining an unobstructed view of their surroundings. Apollo's advanced screen technology fulfills this need elegantly. Unlike traditional screen doors, which can obstruct and detract from a home’s visual appeal, Apollo screens preserve the beauty of French doors while adding the practical benefits of a screen when needed. This not only enhances the view but also contributes to the overall elegance of the home.

Traditional Screen Doors: Limitations and Frustrations

For many homeowners, especially in scenic areas like Long Beach, traditional screen doors have posed significant challenges. While they serve the basic function of keeping bugs out, they often come with drawbacks such as obstructed views, difficulty in use during different seasons, and a design that clashes with the home's overall aesthetic.

In our Long Beach project, the homeowner had previously struggled with these issues. Traditional screen doors, although functional, disrupted the beautiful views of their patio and ocean beyond. Additionally, these doors were a hassle during the winter months and tended to slam shut, which is a concern in households with pets or small children. Apollo screens address these challenges head-on, offering a solution that is as practical as it is pleasing to the eye. 

Customized Solutions: Apollo's Innovative Approach in Long Beach

The uniqueness of the Long Beach home, with its double sliding glass patio doors on the second story, presented a distinct challenge. Standard screen solutions were not feasible for this architectural style. Recognizing this, Apollo Screens provided a customized solution that harmonized with the home's design and functional requirements. The installation of off-white retractable screen units, equipped with internal magnets, was a strategic decision. This color choice complemented the home's color scheme and ensured the screens blended seamlessly when in use. The internal magnets, a hallmark of Apollo's design, ensured that the screens closed gently and securely, without the jarring impact typical of traditional screen doors. This innovation was not just about functionality; it was about maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a home with such a unique and beautiful location.

Unobstructed Views and Practical Benefits: The Advantages of Apollo's Retractable Screens

The primary benefit of Apollo's retractable screens lies in their ability to provide unobstructed views, a feature highly valued in coastal settings like Long Beach. French doors are chosen for their ability to offer panoramic views of the outdoors, and Apollo screens preserve this while adding the practicality of a screen when needed. When not in use, they discreetly disappear, maintaining the elegant appearance of the French doors. This feature is particularly valuable in Long Beach, where homeowners seek to enjoy the natural beauty and breezy climate without the intrusion of insects or the eyesore of bulky screens. The Apollo retractable screens thus serve as a bridge between indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment, enhancing the overall living experience.

Pet-Friendly Design: Considering the Comfort of Furry Friends

Pet-friendly design is another aspect where Apollo Screens shine. Traditional screens can be a source of stress for pets, particularly with the loud noises associated with opening and closing. In the Long Beach project, this was a crucial consideration, given the homeowner's love for their pets. Apollo Screens addressed this by designing screens with a gentle closing mechanism, reducing noise and potential stress for pets. Furthermore, the durability of the screens ensures they can withstand the typical wear and tear from pets, making them a practical choice for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safe and comfortable while enjoying the benefits of a screened door. 

Precision and Professionalism: Installation Process in Long Beach

The installation of Apollo retractable screens, particularly for unique French doors like those in Long Beach, requires precise craftsmanship. Apollo Screens takes pride in its professional approach, carried out by factory-trained professionals. The process begins with custom measurements, crucial for ensuring that each screen fits perfectly to the specific dimensions of the door. This meticulous attention to detail is not only vital for functionality but also for the aesthetics of the screen. In the Long Beach project, the installation process was executed with minimal disruption, showcasing the expertise and efficiency of Apollo's professionals.

Apollo Versus the Competition: What Sets Apollo Screens Apart

In the competitive market of retractable screens, Apollo Screens distinguish themselves through a blend of modern design, functionality, and durability. In coastal areas like Long Beach, where aesthetics and practicality are equally important, Apollo's sleek and contemporary design makes a significant difference. For example, the off-white units installed in the Long Beach project were not only effective in function but also enhanced the home's visual appeal. This focus on aesthetics, coupled with robust construction and ease of use, positions Apollo Screens as a leader in the retractable screen market, offering solutions that align with the sophisticated needs of modern homeowners.

Closing Thoughts and Call to Action

The addition of Apollo retractable screens to French doors significantly enhances a home's functionality and aesthetic appeal, as clearly demonstrated in the Long Beach project. These screens address the common limitations of traditional screen doors, adding a modern and elegant touch to any home. With features like a pet-friendly design, smooth operation, and professional installation, Apollo screens represent an investment in both comfort and style.

For those considering upgrading their French doors with retractable screens, Apollo presents the perfect blend of quality, design, and functionality. Transform your living space with Apollo retractable screens – a choice that brings the outdoors in, without the drawbacks. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor a solution to fit your home and lifestyle.