Elevating the California Room Experience

Morgan Hill Community, Temecula

the Morgan Hill community in Temecula, California, homeowners are fortunate to have architectural features like the California Room. These spaces, meant to bridge the indoors with the great Californian outdoors, can be a true asset. However, without the right amenities, even these beautiful spaces can be rendered uncomfortable, particularly under the intense sun or when swarmed by seasonal bugs.

Elevating the California Room Experience

Apollo Screens in Action

Seamless Integration for Ultimate Comfort

Understanding the unique needs of these homeowners, Apollo Screens stepped in to provide a solution that not only offers protection but does so with style. With their advanced screens, homeowners can now relish the beauty and serenity of their surroundings without the nagging discomforts. The sun's glare is significantly reduced, and the bugs are kept at bay, transforming the California Room into a true sanctuary of relaxation and leisure. This not only enhances the overall living experience but adds tangible value to homes in the community.

Powerscreen Temecula 2-1051.jpg