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Enhancing Accessibility: Custom Retractable Screen Door Installation Above a Ramp in Garden City, ID

Enhancing Accessibility: Custom Retractable Screen Door Installation Above a Ramp in Garden City, ID

In Garden City, Idaho, a unique challenge presented itself when homeowners sought a screen solution for a front door equipped with a ramp. Accessibility and convenience were paramount for this family, emphasizing the need for a functional yet unobtrusive system that would accommodate the ramp while enhancing the home's usability and aesthetic.

Project Overview

The solution came in the form of Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors, specifically designed to offer ease of use and seamless integration with existing structures. This particular installation was not just about keeping out insects; it was about creating an accessible entrance that maintained the openness and welcoming feel of the home.

Customized Fit and Seamless Operation

Apollo Screens are renowned for their ability to blend with any architectural style, providing solutions that do not detract from the look of a home. For the Garden City project, the retractable screen door was custom measured and installed above the home’s ramp, ensuring a perfect fit without hindering the function of the ramp. The door’s metal ergonomic handle was a critical feature, offering easy operation for all family members, regardless of their mobility.

Invisible When Not Needed

One of the standout features of the Apollo retractable screen door is its "disappearing" design. When not in use, the screen neatly retracts into its housing, completely out of sight, thus preserving the home’s aesthetic and ensuring the screen does not obstruct the ramp in any way. This design is particularly beneficial for homes with accessibility needs, as it minimizes the physical barriers without sacrificing functionality.

Smooth and Reliable Operation

Thanks to its superior build and smooth operation, the Apollo retractable screen door provides a hassle-free experience. The door does not slam upon retraction—a common issue with lesser quality screens. Instead, it smoothly glides back into its housing, a testament to the high-quality engineering and design standards upheld by Apollo Screens.


This installation in Garden City showcases how Apollo Screens continues to lead with innovations that combine practicality with style. The retractable screen door above the ramp has not only enhanced the functionality of the home but has also kept it looking modern and inviting. For families in need of accessible home solutions, Apollo Screens proves to be the best choice for combining ease of use with aesthetic elegance.

For more information on customized retractable screen solutions that meet diverse architectural and personal needs, consider exploring the full range of products offered by Apollo Screens