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Enhancing Double French Doors with Apollo's Single Screen Solution in Aviara, Carlsbad

Enhancing Double French Doors with Apollo's Single Screen Solution in Aviara, Carlsbad

In the serene neighborhood of Aviara, Carlsbad, homeowners face the challenge of balancing aesthetic appeal with functional needs, particularly when it comes to enhancing their homes with screen doors. A recent installation of Apollo’s retractable screen door on a double French door showcased an innovative solution that addressed these needs with style and efficiency.

Single Screen for Double Doors
Typically, double French doors pose a dilemma: install two screens that meet in the middle or settle for less effective alternatives. Apollo’s retractable screen doors bring a groundbreaking option to the table—covering up to 68 inches wide with a single screen. This installation in Aviara utilized Apollo's superior tracking technology to cover the expansive doorway seamlessly without the need for a middle junction, maintaining the door's elegant aesthetic.

Advanced Tracking Technology and Safety
Apollo screens stand out with their advanced tracking system that ensures smooth and reliable operation. The tracking technology allows for a single large screen to retract safely and efficiently, preventing the screen from slamming and reducing wear and tear. This is crucial for the longevity and maintenance of both the screen and the doorway structure itself.

Custom Installation by Experts
Each Apollo screen door is custom measured and professionally installed by factory-trained technicians. For the Aviara project, precise installation ensured that the screen door fit perfectly with the existing French doors, enhancing the door’s functionality without compromising the home’s architectural integrity.

Aesthetic Integration and Practical Benefits
Apollo’s retractable screens are designed to be discreet, blending in with the home’s design when not in use. For homeowners in Aviara, the invisible screen feature meant that they could enjoy unobstructed views and aesthetics of their French doors, coupled with the practicality of a screen that appears only when needed. This installation not only kept insects out but also allowed for natural ventilation, enhancing the home's comfort and reducing the need for artificial cooling.

The retractable screen door installation in Aviara is a testament to Apollo’s commitment to innovative solutions that do not sacrifice style for functionality. Homeowners with double French doors can now enjoy the best of both worlds: expansive coverage with a single, elegantly retracting screen that respects the beauty of their home’s design. Apollo continues to lead with tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each homeowner, ensuring that every installation is a perfect fit for both the space and the lifestyle of its occupants.

For those in Carlsbad and beyond looking for an effective, aesthetically pleasing way to equip their double French doors with screens, Apollo’s single screen solution presents the ideal blend of innovation, safety, and style.









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