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Enhancing Elegance in Roseville: A Showcase of Apollo's Retractable Screen Door Installation

Enhancing Elegance in Roseville: A Showcase of Apollo's Retractable Screen Door Installation

In the scenic neighborhood of Roseville, California, a notable residence recently upgraded its aesthetic and functional appeal with one of Apollo's top-tier retractable screen doors. This case study highlights the seamless integration of style and efficiency brought by our retractable screen door, designed to meet both the architectural beauty and the practical needs of modern homes.

Project Overview

The project centered around a beautiful home known for its striking appearance and now, its enhanced functionality. The homeowner sought a solution that would blend effortlessly with the home's existing design while offering the convenience and comfort of indoor-outdoor living. Apollo's retractable screen door was a perfect match, celebrated for its clean lines and a mechanism that ensures a soft, smooth operation.

Installation Highlights

One of the key features of this installation was the door's seamless integration with the home’s design. Our retractable screen doors are known as invisible or disappearing screens because they are there when you need them and out of sight when you don't. This feature was especially important in maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a home with such distinctive architecture.

The Apollo retractable screen door installed in Roseville features a state-of-the-art, metal ergonomic handle and a system designed not to slam when retracted. This ensures longevity and ease of use, critical to the homeowner who values both form and functionality. Furthermore, the screen's ability to disappear when not in use preserves the home's panoramic views without compromising on utility.

Client Satisfaction

Feedback from the homeowner post-installation has been overwhelmingly positive. The Apollo retractable screen door not only complements the home’s exterior but also enhances the living experience by providing a bug-free environment when needed, without obstructing views or natural light. The smooth operation and soft open mechanism have particularly been appreciated, ensuring that the screen door adds value both in terms of aesthetics and usability.


This installation in Roseville is a testament to Apollo's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our retractable screen doors are designed with the needs of the modern homeowner in mind, providing an elegant, practical solution that does not compromise on style. For residents of Roseville looking to enhance their home's functionality without detracting from its design, Apollo Screens remains a name synonymous with excellence and innovation.