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Enhancing the Front Entrance with Retractable Screen Doors in Hoschton, GA

Enhancing the Front Entrance with Retractable Screen Doors in Hoschton, GA

When the Johnson family in Hoschton, GA, wanted to enhance their home's front entrance, they turned to Apollo Screens for a solution that would provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Their choice was a front entrance retractable screen door, a decision that transformed their living space in numerous ways.

The Need for a Retractable Screen Door

The Johnsons were looking for a way to enjoy fresh air and natural light without compromising on comfort. They wanted a solution that would keep bugs out while allowing a breeze to flow through their home. The challenge was to find a screen door that wouldn’t detract from the beauty of their front entrance.

The Apollo Screens Solution

Apollo Screens offered the ideal solution with their high-quality retractable screen doors. These doors are designed to be out of sight when not in use, providing an invisible screen effect. When needed, they can be easily deployed to provide a seamless barrier against insects and other outdoor elements.

Key features of Apollo Screens’ retractable screen doors include:

  • Smooth Operation: The doors operate smoothly without the risk of slamming, thanks to their superior design and construction.
  • Modern Aesthetics: They blend seamlessly with the Johnsons’ front entrance, enhancing its overall appearance.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The metal ergonomic handle makes the screen door easy to use, adding to the overall user experience.
  • Custom Fit: The door was custom measured and installed by factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless performance.

The Installation Process

The installation in Hoschton, GA, was carried out with meticulous attention to detail. The factory-trained professionals from Apollo Screens ensured that the retractable screen door was installed perfectly. The Johnsons were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the installation team.

The Outcome

The Johnsons now enjoy a front entrance that allows them to experience fresh air and natural light without worrying about bugs. The retractable screen door is there when they need it and disappears when they don’t, maintaining the elegant look of their front entrance. This installation has provided them with a more enjoyable and comfortable living environment.


Apollo Screens’ retractable screen doors offer an excellent solution for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces. The Johnsons’ experience in Hoschton, GA, is a testament to the quality and functionality of these doors. Whether you’re looking to improve the airflow in your home or simply want a sleek, modern screen door solution, Apollo Screens has you covered.