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Enhancing Views and Comfort with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors in Northbrook, IL

Enhancing Views and Comfort with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors in Northbrook, IL

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In the charming neighborhood of Northbrook, IL, our customer faced a common issue with their old screen door. The interior screen was an eyesore, obstructing their view and detracting from the beauty of their home. Tired of constantly having to look at it, they sought a solution that would not only enhance their view but also upgrade the functionality and aesthetics of their existing screen door. Their quest led them to Apollo Screens, known for its modern, sleek, and efficient retractable screen doors.

The Challenge

The customer had an oversized door width of 48”, which added complexity to finding a suitable replacement. Standard screen doors were not meeting their needs, and they required a product that could provide a seamless, unobstructed view while fitting the unique dimensions of their space.

The Solution

Apollo Screens provided the perfect answer with our custom-made retractable screen doors. Our team of factory-trained professionals measured the specific dimensions of the customer's doorway to ensure a precise fit. We recommended a 55" long pull retractable screen door, which not only accommodated the oversized width but also offered a smooth, effortless operation with its ergonomic metal handle.

Installation Process

The installation process was meticulous and efficient. Our experts ensured that the retractable screen door was installed perfectly, without any gaps or misalignments. The process included:

  1. Precise Measurement: Custom measurements were taken to ensure the door fit the unique dimensions of the customer’s oversized doorway.
  2. Professional Installation: Our factory-trained professionals installed the screen door, ensuring it operated smoothly and seamlessly integrated with the home’s design.
  3. Quality Assurance: Post-installation, the door was tested for smooth operation and durability. Apollo Screens’ products are designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

The Outcome

The new retractable screen door transformed the customer’s home. No longer did they have to look at an unsightly interior screen. Instead, they enjoyed an enhanced view, with the screen door conveniently disappearing when not in use. The 55" long pull feature ensured easy operation, and the modern design added a touch of elegance to their home.

Apollo Screens’ retractable screen doors don’t slam when retracted, operate smoothly, and are custom-built to meet the highest standards. The customer was delighted with the upgrade, appreciating the blend of functionality and aesthetics.


This Northbrook, IL installation showcases how Apollo Screens can solve common homeowner frustrations with innovative and high-quality solutions. If you're looking to enhance your home with a beautiful, efficient retractable screen door, consider Apollo Screens for your next upgrade.