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Enjoy a Bug-Free Breeze with Apollo's Back Door Retractable Screen in Huntington Beach

Enjoy a Bug-Free Breeze with Apollo's Back Door Retractable Screen in Huntington Beach

As the warm days of summer approach, residents of Huntington Beach are turning to Apollo Screens to enhance their homes with both functionality and aesthetic appeal. A perfect example of this trend is a recent installation of a back door retractable screen in the vibrant neighborhood of Huntington Beach, CA.

Project Overview

The homeowner's primary goal was clear: to embrace the pleasant coastal breeze while keeping pesky insects out. With the sunny season around the corner, they wanted a solution that wouldn't compromise their view or the beauty of their home. Apollo's Retractable Screen Doors offered the perfect solution—seamless integration with existing structures and the convenience of an "invisible" screen that's there when you need it and discreetly retracts when you don't.

Installation Challenges and Solutions

One of the challenges encountered during the installation was adapting the screen to a uniquely sized double back door without altering its original design or functionality. Thanks to Apollo's custom measurement and installation process, performed by factory-trained professionals, the screen was tailored to fit precisely, ensuring a smooth operation and a flawless finish.

The retractable screen door features a metal ergonomic handle, enhancing user experience by providing a comfortable grip and preventing the abrupt slamming often associated with lesser quality screens. This thoughtful design detail supports a quiet, smooth operation, aligning with the serene coastal lifestyle of Huntington Beach residents.

Customer Satisfaction and Benefits

The homeowner was thrilled with the installation, noting the screen's modern look and how it complemented their home's aesthetics without the constraints of traditional fixed screen doors. The Apollo Retractable Screen Door not only met their practical needs but also added a touch of sophistication to their living space.

As summer heats up, more Huntington Beach homeowners are recognizing the value of investing in Apollo's retractable screens. They appreciate the dual benefits of enjoying a bug-free environment and fresh air without sacrificing the indoor-outdoor flow of their living spaces.


Apollo's Back Door Retractable Screens are proving to be a game-changer for homeowners looking to enhance their comfort and home usability during the warmer months. If you’re in Huntington Beach or the surrounding areas, consider how a custom-installed Apollo Retractable Screen Door can transform your home experience this summer.

Get ahead of the summer and invite the breeze in—without the bugs. Contact Apollo Screens today and discover the difference of a superior retractable screen door tailored to your home’s specific needs.