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Enjoy the View: Seamless Retractable Screen Door Installation in Hillsdale, El Cajon

Enjoy the View: Seamless Retractable Screen Door Installation in Hillsdale, El Cajon

In the scenic neighborhood of Hillsdale in El Cajon, CA, homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between functionality and aesthetics—especially when it comes to their home’s entrances. One recent installation by Apollo Screens has demonstrated beautifully how you don’t have to compromise on either.

Project Overview

A stunning home with a meticulously crafted front door faced the classic challenge: maintaining the visual appeal of the entryway while incorporating a practical solution for ventilation and insect protection. The solution? An Apollo Retractable Screen Door, which offers an innovative design that preserves the beauty of the front door without the constant presence of a screen.

Seamless Integration

The Apollo Retractable Screen Door is designed to be discreet, merging seamlessly with the existing door frame. This installation utilized a custom-measured screen that retracts completely out of sight when not in use, thus maintaining the home’s aesthetic integrity. The homeowners chose Apollo Screens for their renowned smooth operation and the robust, ergonomic handle that ensures ease of use without detracting from the door’s elegance.

Function Meets Style

Apollo’s retractable screens are known for their durability and effortless functionality. They don’t slam when retracted, thanks to their superior build and smooth retraction mechanism. This feature was particularly important for the homeowners, who valued tranquility and minimal maintenance.

Client Satisfaction

The residents of this Hillsdale home are thrilled with their Apollo Retractable Screen Door. They appreciate the ability to let a breeze in on cooler days without compromising on style or dealing with pests. “It’s like the screen isn’t even there when we don’t need it, and that’s exactly what we wanted,” one homeowner remarked.


This project in Hillsdale, El Cajon, is a perfect example of how Apollo Screens provides solutions that blend effortlessly with any home’s architecture. By choosing an Apollo Retractable Screen Door, the homeowners have enhanced their living space with an option that offers both functional benefits and aesthetic pleasure without compromise.