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Invisible Screens for Front Doors in El Dorado Hills, CA

Invisible Screens for Front Doors in El Dorado Hills, CA

Front Door Invisible Screen Installation

In the picturesque neighborhood of El Dorado Hills, CA, homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to enhance their living spaces while maintaining aesthetic appeal. One such enhancement that has garnered significant attention is the installation of front door invisible screens, also known as retractable screen doors.

Project Overview

Recently, Apollo Screens had the privilege of transforming a beautiful home in El Dorado Hills by installing our state-of-the-art front door invisible screen. These screens are perfect for front doors as they seamlessly blend into the doorframe, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of the entrance is preserved. The homeowners wanted a solution that would allow them to enjoy a fresh breeze without the nuisance of bugs, and our invisible screens delivered just that.

Installation Process

The installation was carried out by our team of factory-trained professionals who meticulously measured and custom-fitted the screen to ensure a perfect fit. One of the standout features of Apollo Screens is the smooth operation of our products. Unlike other brands, our retractable screens do not slam when retracted, providing a quiet and seamless user experience.

Customer Satisfaction

The homeowners were thrilled with the results. They appreciated the modern and sleek design of the screen, which remained virtually invisible when not in use. This invisible feature ensures that the screen does not detract from the front door's appearance. The ergonomic metal handle was another feature that impressed the homeowners, providing ease of use and adding to the overall functionality of the screen.


Invisible screens are an ideal addition to front doors, especially for those who want to enjoy a breeze without bugs. In El Dorado Hills, CA, the installation of these screens has proven to be a valuable enhancement, blending practicality with style. With Apollo Screens, homeowners can expect high-quality products that are expertly installed to meet their specific needs.

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