Motorized Shade Installation in Lake Las Vegas

Expanding Comfort in Outdoor Spaces

A serene residence in the beautiful Lake Las Vegas neighborhood wanted to capitalize on the joys of their California room. Like many homeowners, they envisioned a space where they could enjoy the outdoors without the persistent interference of bugs and the glaring sun. This aspiration, however, was often overshadowed by the realities of nature.

Motorized Shade Installation in Lake Las Vegas

Apollo's Seamless Retractable Screen Transformation

Elevating Poolside Experiences

After consulting with Las Vegas Apollo, they discovered the ultimate answer: a state-of-the-art motorized shade. This retractable screen door solution not only promises to keep unwanted pests out but also effectively reduces the sun's glare, especially during peak afternoon hours. As they indulge in pool activities or simply lounge around, the blinding sunlight no longer disrupts their relaxation. Apollo’s design, known for its aesthetic appeal, melds perfectly with the home’s existing structure, enhancing its elegance. With just a click, the homeowners now have the power to redefine their outdoor leisure, all thanks to Apollo's innovative screen solutions.




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