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Seamless Comfort and Style: Front Door Retractable Screen Installation in Kirkland, WA

Seamless Comfort and Style: Front Door Retractable Screen Installation in Kirkland, WA

A Modern Solution for an Inviting Entryway

When it comes to blending convenience with style, Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors are unmatched. Recently, we had the pleasure of installing one of our top-tier front door retractable screens in a beautiful home in Kirkland, WA. The homeowners wanted a solution that would allow them to enjoy fresh breezes without the hassle of bugs, while also maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their entryway. Our retractable screen door proved to be the perfect answer.

Project Overview

The homeowners were keen on a screen door that would not detract from their home's modern look. They had specific requirements: the screen needed to operate smoothly, be visually appealing, and, most importantly, not slam shut when retracted. They chose Apollo Screens for our reputation of delivering on all these fronts.

Smooth Operation and Superior Design

One of the standout features of our retractable screens is their smooth operation. The Kirkland homeowners were particularly impressed with how effortlessly the screen opened and closed. "You need to see how smooth our screens are," the homeowner exclaimed. Indeed, the ergonomic metal handle allows for easy use, ensuring that the screen door glides seamlessly into place.

No More Slamming Screens

A common complaint with traditional screen doors is the loud slam when they retract. Apollo Screens have effectively solved this issue. Our screens are designed to retract gently, eliminating the noisy slam. The homeowners delightedly noted, "Look Ma—no hands!" highlighting the ease and quietness of operation.

Custom Measured and Professionally Installed

Every Apollo Screen is custom measured to fit perfectly, and our factory-trained professionals ensure a flawless installation. In this Kirkland home, the retractable screen was measured and fitted to the exact specifications of the front door, providing a tailored fit that enhances the overall aesthetic.


This installation in Kirkland, WA, showcases the superior quality and performance of Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors. With their smooth operation, modern design, and noiseless retraction, our screens are a fantastic addition to any home. Whether you're looking to enjoy the breeze without the bugs or want a screen door that complements your home's style, Apollo Screens delivers every time.

Experience the difference with Apollo Screens—where functionality meets elegance.