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Seamless Screening Solution: Retractable Front Screen Installation in Nampa, ID

Seamless Screening Solution: Retractable Front Screen Installation in Nampa, ID


Front doors often pose a challenge when it comes to installing screens. Traditional screens can be cumbersome and obstructive, but Apollo Screens has revolutionized this with their Retractable Front Screens. In Nampa, ID, we recently completed a successful installation that showcases the elegance and efficiency of our product.

Project Overview

Our client in Nampa faced the common dilemma of wanting a screen door without the hassle of a permanent fixture. They desired an option that would provide ventilation while keeping out bugs, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their home. Apollo Screens’ Retractable Front Screen proved to be the perfect solution.

Installation Process

The installation was carried out by our team of factory-trained professionals, ensuring precision and quality from start to finish. The retractable screen was custom-measured to fit the specific dimensions of the client's front door. This bespoke approach not only guarantees a seamless fit but also enhances the overall appearance of the entryway.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Smooth Operation: Unlike traditional screens that can be difficult to maneuver, the Apollo Retractable Front Screen operates smoothly and effortlessly. The ergonomic metal handle adds to the ease of use, making it a user-friendly addition to any home.

  • Practically Invisible: When not in use, the screen disappears into its housing, maintaining the sleek look of the front door. This "vanishing" quality ensures that the screen is only visible when needed, preserving the home’s aesthetic appeal.

  • No Slamming: One standout feature of Apollo Screens is the gentle retraction mechanism. Our screens don’t slam shut, ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment.

Client Feedback

The client was thrilled with the outcome. They particularly appreciated how the screen was there when needed and out of sight when not in use. The smooth operation and the invisible nature of the screen exceeded their expectations, solving their problem elegantly and efficiently.


This installation in Nampa, ID, is a prime example of how Apollo Screens’ Retractable Front Screens can transform a challenging screening situation into a seamless, stylish solution. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake. For homeowners looking to enhance their front doors with a practical and attractive screening option, Apollo Screens is the answer.