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Smooth and Stylish: An Interior Retractable Screen Door Installation in Escondido, CA

Smooth and Stylish: An Interior Retractable Screen Door Installation in Escondido, CA

When the Smith family in Escondido, CA, decided to enhance their home’s functionality and aesthetics, they chose Apollo Screens for their interior retractable screen door installation. This case study explores the smooth operation, modern design, and exceptional craftsmanship that distinguish Apollo Screens in the market.

Project Overview

Location: Escondido, CA
Product: Interior Retractable Screen Door
Key Feature: Smooth, slam-free retraction

The Challenge

The Smith family wanted a solution that allowed them to enjoy fresh air without the hassle of bugs invading their home. Additionally, they needed a screen door that wouldn’t disrupt the interior aesthetics or impede space when not in use. They opted for Apollo Screens because of its reputation for blending functionality with style.

Installation Process

Apollo Screens’ factory-trained professionals took precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The installation process was seamless, emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The retractable screen door was custom-built to match the interior decor, ensuring a cohesive look.

The Solution

The interior retractable screen door from Apollo Screens provided the perfect solution. Here are some highlights of the installed product:

  • Smooth Operation: Unlike traditional screen doors, Apollo Screens retract without slamming. The advanced mechanism ensures a smooth, silent retraction, enhancing user experience.
  • Modern Design: The screen door's sleek design adds a contemporary touch to the Smith family's home. The metal ergonomic handle offers ease of use and a sophisticated look.
  • Space-Saving: The retractable feature means the screen is out of sight when not needed, maintaining the room's spacious feel.
  • Bug-Free Breeze: The Smiths can now enjoy fresh air without the worry of insects, making their indoor living experience more comfortable.

Customer Satisfaction

The Smith family was delighted with the outcome. They praised the professionalism of the Apollo Screens installation team and the product's superior quality. The interior retractable screen door met all their expectations, combining practicality with elegance.


Apollo Screens continues to lead the market with innovative, high-quality retractable screen doors. This installation in Escondido, CA, exemplifies how the brand’s products enhance home functionality while maintaining aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking to improve your living space with a retractable screen door, consider Apollo Screens for a seamless, stylish, and bug-free solution.