Folsom Regency Community-2861.jpg
Apollo's All-Weather Solution

Understanding the need for a multifunctional space, Apollo Motorized Shades stepped in with a proposal that addressed both solar protection and insect invasion. With the installation of these precision-engineered shades, the patio was seamlessly enclosed, offering reprieve from both scorching sun...

Powerscreen Temecula 1-1628.jpg
Elevating the California Room Experience

the Morgan Hill community in Temecula, California, homeowners are fortunate to have architectural features like the California Room. These spaces, meant to bridge the indoors with the great Californian outdoors, can be a true asset. However, witho...

Apollo PowerScreen Lake Las Vegas-9171.jpg
Motorized Shade Installation in Lake Las Vegas

A serene residence in the beautiful Lake Las Vegas neighborhood wanted to capitalize on the joys of their California room. Like many homeowners, they envisioned a space where they could enjoy the outdoors without the persistent interference of bugs and the glaring sun. This aspiration, however, w...

California Room Drop Shade San Marcos-7140.jpg
Embracing the Apollo Motorized Shade

In San Marcos, California, as the evening sun cast long shadows, a particular home sought refuge from its persistent rays. Their California room, though a perfect space, lacked protection from the sun's overwhelming intensity.

El Dorado Hills Transformation

Within the picturesque surroundings of El Dorado Hills, a discerning homeowner envisioned a sanctuary free from the relentless sun and unwelcome pests. Their California room, an embodiment of West Coast relaxation, became the focal point of this transformative vision.

Apollo Motorized Patio Shades in Menifee

Experience the epitome of outdoor living with Apollo's motorized patio shades, transforming a Menifee home into a seamless oasis. These innovative shades act as a protective shield, sealing the patio space and keeping pesky bugs at bay. Say g...

Motorized Cable Guided Shades in Murrieta, CA

Discover a serene oasis in the heart of Murrieta, CA, as our delighted homeowner embraces the ultimate living experience with motorized cable guided shades in their California room. Even with an unfinished backyard, they can now savor the beauty o...

Motorized Screens for Patios and Window Shades Sacramento

Our Folsom Client had a big sun problem on not only their patio but also their living spaces. Extreme heat and glare in the summer. An Apollo motorized retractable patio screen was the clear solution - in fact, the installation was for 4 beautiful...