Outswing French Door Oside-4592.jpg
Embracing the Ocean Breeze With Retractable Screens

Nestled in the coastal town of Oceanside, California, a residence boasted an architectural marvel - stunning French doors that framed the living room. While these doors provided a scenic view, the homeowners yearned for more. They envisioned their living space filled with the tantalizing freshnes...

Vanishing Screen Door Carlsbad-6874.jpg
Apollo's Breeze Without Bugs

Perched in the picturesque setting of Carlsbad, California, a home seemed to have it all, except for one aspect. The gentle, cooling ocean breeze, a gift nature bestowed upon coastal homes, beckoned to flow freely through the house. However, the front door, an ideal spot to let in the refreshing...

Retractable Screen Door El Cajon 1-6341.jpg
Apollo's Front Door Retractable Screen

Nestled in the beautiful valleys of El Cajon, California, a family residence desired a solution to a common dilemma: how to enjoy the refreshing evening breezes without the unwelcome company of intrusive insects. Like many in the region, they sought to maximize the natural ventilation their home...

RSF Retractable Screen Doors 1-4044.jpg
Apollo Welcoming the Breeze, Not the Bugs

Rancho Santa Fe, known for its luxurious homes and pristine environment, sets the scene for homeowners to constantly find ways to connect with nature. In one such beautiful home, the desire to create an uninterrupted flow of fresh air through their hallway stood paramount. However, like many coas...

Bronze French Door Alpine 1-1034.jpg
Embracing Nature with Apollo Screen Doors

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Alpine, California, homeowners are often blessed with a delightful cross breeze that sweeps through their properties. Especially for those with front French doors, this breeze could fill their homes with the scent of nature and a gentle, cooling flow of air. Ye...

All Seasons Screen Replacement in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas homeowner was initially drawn to the allure of the All Seasons Retractable Screen by Polar Shade. However, after a period of usage, it became apparent that the screen was not living up to its promises, leading to disappointment and inconvenience.Hard to use, and delicate to step on, t...

OW Vanishing Screen Carlsbad-6013.jpg
Carlsbad's Screened Solution

Carlsbad, California boasts homes with breathtaking views and the tantalizing promise of a refreshing ocean breeze. However, one homeowner faced a dilemma: how to relish this natural luxury without the constant interruption of bugs.

Invisible Long Pull Hunington Beach 1-8945.jpg
Front Door Long Pull Apollo Screen

In the heart of Huntington Beach, a home wished to bask in the calming coastal breezes. Yet, the uninvited pests often became a cause for concern.

Rancho Cucamonga Front Retractable 1-2237.jpg
Apollo's French Door Screens

Enter the Apollo French door screens — the epitome of design and functionality. Not only do these screens effectively keep out unwanted pests, but they also blend effortlessly with the doorway, offering a virtually seamless look. For residen...

Long Pull Garden Grove-6951.jpg
Apollo Retractable Patio Screens

Apollo's retractable screens presented the perfect remedy. Crafted for ease and elegance, these screens can be effortlessly deployed when the need arises, ensuring a bug-free experience. When not in use, the screen gracefully recedes, preserving the home's aesthetic appeal. This addition...

Seamless Function for French Doors

For their French doors, the ideal choice was Apollo's double screen door. This design meets seamlessly in the middle, secured by a magnet, ensuring an uninterrupted view and effortless access. What distinguishes this retractable screen from others is its gentle retraction mechanism, eliminati...

Power Screen Amplifies Patio Pleasures

Amidst the captivating landscape of the Boise Foothills, a home has brought innovation right to its doorstep. The latest addition, a power screen, stands as a testament to the homeowner's commitment to comfort, functionality, and style.