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Embracing the Ocean Breeze With Retractable Screens

Nestled in the coastal town of Oceanside, California, a residence boasted an architectural marvel - stunning French doors that framed the living room. While these doors provided a scenic view, the homeowners yearned for more. They envisioned their living space filled with the tantalizing freshnes...

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Apollo Retractable Patio Screens

Apollo's retractable screens presented the perfect remedy. Crafted for ease and elegance, these screens can be effortlessly deployed when the need arises, ensuring a bug-free experience. When not in use, the screen gracefully recedes, preserving the home's aesthetic appeal. This addition...

Seamless Function for French Doors

For their French doors, the ideal choice was Apollo's double screen door. This design meets seamlessly in the middle, secured by a magnet, ensuring an uninterrupted view and effortless access. What distinguishes this retractable screen from others is its gentle retraction mechanism, eliminati...

Apollo Screen Replacement in Point Lom

Experience a new level of patio living in Point Loma as Apollo Screens introduces a transformative replacement solution. Bid farewell to traditional sliding screen doors and welcome a nearly invisible Apollo Screen that effortlessly enhances your...

An Unobtrusive Addition: Oceanside Home's Front Door Retractable Screen

Discover the perfect harmony of practicality and elegance in an oceanside home. Apollo Screens presents a discreet yet highly effective solution - a single front door retractable screen that complements the home's picturesque aesthetic. This i...

French Door Retractable Screens in Long Beach, CA

Transform your Long Beach, CA, home with the epitome of refined living - French door retractable screens in classic white! Recently installed along a picturesque waterfront view to the backyard, these retractable screens are the perfect addition t...