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Transforming an Office Space with a Long Pull Retractable Screen Door in Anaheim, CA

Transforming an Office Space with a Long Pull Retractable Screen Door in Anaheim, CA

A Breath of Fresh Air for a Stuffy Office

Project Overview

In the heart of Anaheim, CA, a local business was facing an all-too-common problem: a stuffy office space. With a set of beautiful French doors that remained closed most of the time, the office was deprived of natural ventilation. This case study explores how a long pull retractable screen door from Apollo Screens transformed the office environment, providing a practical and elegant solution.

Client's Needs and Challenges

The client wanted to utilize their French doors to bring fresh air into the office without compromising on aesthetics or letting in bugs. They needed a screen that could cover the entire opening effortlessly and disappear when not in use. The solution had to be sleek, modern, and easy to operate, ensuring it blended seamlessly with the office decor.

The Apollo Screens Solution

Apollo Screens provided the perfect solution with their long pull retractable screen door. Known for their superior build quality and smooth operation, these screens were custom-measured and installed by factory-trained professionals to ensure a perfect fit.

Key features of the Apollo Screens long pull retractable screen door include:

  • Breeze without Bugs: The screen allows fresh air to flow into the office while keeping insects out.
  • Invisible When Not in Use: The screen retracts smoothly and disappears into a compact housing, preserving the aesthetic of the French doors.
  • Smooth Operation: Thanks to the high-quality materials and ergonomic metal handle, the screen door operates effortlessly without slamming.
  • Custom Fit: Precision measurement and installation ensure the screen fits perfectly, enhancing both function and appearance.

Installation Process

The installation in Anaheim, CA, was seamless and efficient. Apollo Screens' team of experts took precise measurements of the French doors to ensure a custom fit. The installation was completed quickly, with minimal disruption to the office's daily operations.

Results and Client Satisfaction

The result was a transformed office space. The once stuffy environment was now filled with a refreshing breeze, creating a more comfortable and productive atmosphere. The French doors, previously underutilized, became a focal point of the office, adding both function and style.

The client was delighted with the Apollo Screens retractable screen door, praising its smooth operation and the elegant solution it provided. The long pull feature allowed for easy access and use, making it a practical addition to the office.


This case study highlights the effectiveness of Apollo Screens' long pull retractable screen doors in enhancing office spaces. By providing a solution that combines functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use, Apollo Screens continues to deliver exceptional products that meet and exceed client expectations. If you're looking to improve your office environment, consider the benefits of a retractable screen door from Apollo Screens.