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Transforming Entryways: Sleek and Modern Retractable Screen Doors for Front Double Doors in Simi Valley, CA

Transforming Entryways: Sleek and Modern Retractable Screen Doors for Front Double Doors in Simi Valley, CA

In the picturesque neighborhood of Simi Valley, CA, a recent installation of Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors has redefined the functionality and aesthetics of a beautiful front double door entryway. This case study delves into the project, highlighting the seamless blend of style and practicality that Apollo Screens consistently delivers.

Project Overview

Location: Simi Valley, CA
Product: Retractable Screen Doors for Front Double Doors
Features: Sleek and modern design, easy operation, effective bug protection, enhanced airflow

The Challenge

The homeowners sought a solution that would allow them to enjoy the refreshing Simi Valley breeze without the nuisance of bugs infiltrating their home. Additionally, they desired a screen door that would not detract from the sleek, modern design of their front double doors. Traditional screen doors often clash with contemporary aesthetics and can be cumbersome to use, so finding a visually appealing and functional solution was paramount.

The Solution

Apollo Screens provided the perfect answer with their retractable screen doors. These screens, known for their innovative design and superior functionality, seamlessly integrate with the existing doors. When not in use, the screens vanish completely, preserving the clean lines and modern look of the entryway.

Key features of the installation include:

  • Sleek and Modern Design: The retractable screens complement the home's contemporary style, adding a touch of sophistication without compromising on utility.
  • Effortless Operation: The ergonomic metal handle and smooth retracting mechanism make it simple to pull the screens in and out. Homeowners can easily operate the screens with minimal effort.
  • Bug Protection: The screens provide an effective barrier against pesky insects, allowing the homeowners to keep their front doors open and enjoy fresh air without the worry of unwanted bugs entering the home.
  • Enhanced Airflow: By allowing the fresh breeze to flow through while keeping bugs out, the retractable screens enhance indoor air quality and comfort.

Customer Feedback

The homeowners expressed their satisfaction with the new installation, noting how the screens have transformed their entryway. They appreciate the simplicity of the design and the ease of use, mentioning that it perfectly meets their needs. The retractable screen doors have not only kept their home bug-free but have also added a modern touch to their beautiful front double doors.


This installation in Simi Valley, CA, showcases the superior quality and design of Apollo Screens' retractable screen doors. By combining sleek aesthetics with practical functionality, Apollo Screens continues to provide innovative solutions that enhance home living. Whether you're looking to keep the bugs out or simply enjoy the breeze without compromising on style, Apollo Screens offers the ideal solution for modern homes.