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Transforming Outdoor Living with Exterior Power Screens in Libertyville, IL

Transforming Outdoor Living with Exterior Power Screens in Libertyville, IL

In the picturesque neighborhood of Libertyville, IL, we recently had the pleasure of installing our top-of-the-line exterior power screens for a lovely home. This installation was not just about enhancing aesthetics but also significantly improving functionality and comfort.

The Client's Needs

The homeowners in Libertyville sought a solution that would allow them to enjoy their outdoor space without being at the mercy of the elements. They desired a product that could offer shade on sunny days, protection from bugs, and an overall enhancement of their patio area. Their primary requirements were clear: the screens needed to be stylish, highly functional, and blend seamlessly with the exterior of their home.

Our Stylish and Functional Solution

Our exterior power screens are designed to be both visually appealing and highly effective. We offer dozens of color and fabric combinations, ensuring that we can find the perfect match for any home. For this particular project, the homeowners chose a sophisticated fabric that complements their home's modern aesthetic. The sleek design of the screens means they are hardly noticeable when retracted, yet provide maximum functionality when in use.

Installation Excellence

The installation process was handled by our factory-trained professionals, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth operation. Our motorized patio shades are built to the highest standards, featuring a robust metal ergonomic handle for ease of use. The shades operate smoothly and quietly, enhancing the overall experience for the homeowners.

Enhancing Outdoor Living

Post-installation, the transformation was remarkable. The homeowners can now enjoy their patio throughout the year. On sunny days, the screens provide much-needed shade, creating a cool, comfortable outdoor living space. In the evenings, the screens keep insects at bay, allowing for extended outdoor gatherings without any hassle.


This installation in Libertyville, IL, highlights the versatility and quality of our exterior power screens. With their stylish appearance and exceptional functionality, they are a perfect addition to any home looking to enhance their outdoor living space. If you're looking for a solution that blends style with functionality, our motorized patio shades are the ideal choice.