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Transforming Outdoor Spaces: The Seamless Integration of Motorized Deck Shades in Fond du Lac

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: The Seamless Integration of Motorized Deck Shades in Fond du Lac

Nestled on the edge of a bustling golf course in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a recent project featuring motorized deck shades stands as a testament to the intersection of luxury, functionality, and seamless design. This endeavor was not just any installation but a collaboration that highlighted the importance of pre-construction planning and bespoke solutions in enhancing high-end residential properties.

The project was initiated by a high-end custom deck building company based in Green Bay, which reached out to us for a specialized task. Their client had recently extended their home with an impressive deck, aiming to enjoy the breathtaking views of the golf course without the interference of bugs and the intrusive eyes of passersby. The challenge was to provide privacy and comfort without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Our involvement started right from the pre-construction phase. We worked closely with the contractors to ensure that every aspect of the deck was designed to accommodate the motorized shades. One of the highlights of this installation was the recessed mounting of the bottom rails for the screen doors, a detail that ensured a flawless look and feel, blending the shades seamlessly into the deck’s architecture.

The installation itself was a smooth process, thanks to the meticulous planning and coordination with the Green Bay contractors. The result was nothing short of spectacular. The homeowners were particularly impressed with how the motorized deck shades transformed their outdoor living experience. Not only did the shades provide the needed respite from insects and glare, but they also added a layer of privacy that is much appreciated on a busy golf course.

Post-installation, the deck has become the homeowners’ favorite spot, come rain or shine. They now enjoy Packer games on their porch TV, which remains clear of any glare thanks to the strategic placement of the shades. The screens have also proved to be a boon for their cats, who can now lounge on the porch without any risk of wandering off. More importantly, the motorized deck shades have enhanced daytime privacy, allowing the homeowners to relax comfortably in their newly transformed space.

This project not only showcased our capability to adapt and integrate our products in pre-existing structures but also underscored our commitment to delivering excellence. The feedback from both the contractors and the homeowners was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that our motorized deck shades were indeed the centerpiece that made the entire project worthwhile. Whether it’s watching a game, enjoying a quiet evening, or simply soaking in the views, our motorized shades ensure that every moment spent on the deck is as comfortable as it is memorable.