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Transforming Outdoor Spaces in El Dorado Hills: Motorized Patio Shades Installation

Transforming Outdoor Spaces in El Dorado Hills: Motorized Patio Shades Installation Case Study

In the serene landscapes of El Dorado Hills, California, homeowners are continually seeking innovative solutions to enhance their outdoor living spaces. A recent installation by Apollo Screens, specializing in high-quality motorized patio shades, exemplifies the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Project Overview

The project involved enclosing an east-facing California room with Apollo’s low visibility 90% black fabric screens. Designed to facilitate cooling airflow while providing substantial shading, these screens ensure a comfortable, bug-proof environment, crucial for enjoying the natural beauty of El Dorado Hills without the inconvenience of insects. The material’s low visibility feature plays a pivotal role in preserving the panoramic views while offering solace from the sun.

Additional Features for Enhanced Comfort

To further enhance the living experience, the project included the installation of another power screen over the dining room slider, this time utilizing a slightly denser 95% black fabric. This strategic choice was made to mitigate the morning sun’s glare, which can be particularly intense in this region. The denser fabric effectively "takes the edge off" the morning sunlight, ensuring a softer, more diffused light enters the space, making morning dining experiences more enjoyable without sacrificing the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Benefits of Motorized Patio Shades

Apollo's motorized patio shades are more than just a barrier against the sun and insects; they represent a modern, aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. With their smooth operation and metal ergonomic handles, these shades offer ease of use that is unparalleled. The motorized mechanism allows homeowners to easily adjust their environment with the push of a button, providing instant comfort regardless of the time of day.

These installations are not only functional but also tailor-made to fit each unique space, thanks to Apollo’s commitment to custom measurements and installation by factory-trained professionals. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance, making each installation a testament to Apollo's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


The El Dorado Hills project is a prime example of how Apollo Screens continues to lead in the innovation of outdoor living solutions. The motorized patio shades installed in this home have transformed an ordinary outdoor area into a versatile, enjoyable space that can be used throughout the year, demonstrating Apollo's ability to blend style, comfort, and functionality seamlessly.

For homeowners in El Dorado Hills and beyond, Apollo Screens offers an effective way to enhance outdoor living spaces, proving that style and practicality can indeed go hand in hand.