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Transforming Weekends with a Modern Overlook Awning in Manhattan Beach, CA

Transforming Weekends with a Modern Overlook Awning in Manhattan Beach, CA

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Style and Functionality

In the picturesque neighborhood of Manhattan Beach, CA, a recent installation of a motorized overlook awning has transformed a modern balcony into an oasis of comfort and style. This case study showcases how a tasteful and stylish awning can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor space but also significantly improve the quality of life for its residents.

The Need for Modern Solutions

For homeowners with contemporary balconies, finding an awning that matches the sleek design and modern aesthetics can be challenging. The residents of this Manhattan Beach home desired an awning that would seamlessly blend with their modern architecture while providing practical benefits. They turned to Apollo Screens, known for their high-quality and stylish motorized awnings, to meet this need.

The Installation Process

The project began with a consultation where Apollo Screens' factory-trained professionals took custom measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The motorized overlook awning chosen for this installation features advanced technology, allowing for effortless operation with just the push of a button. The metal ergonomic handle adds to its user-friendly design, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

A Stylish Transformation

Once installed, the awning immediately transformed the balcony. Its sleek design complements the modern architecture of the home, creating a cohesive and stylish look. The awning provides ample shade, making the balcony a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment, regardless of the time of day. With its retractable feature, the awning can be easily tucked away when not in use, preserving the balcony's open and airy feel.

Weekend Oasis

The homeowners have expressed immense satisfaction with their new motorized overlook awning. They now enjoy their weekends more than ever, with a comfortable and stylish outdoor space that offers protection from the sun without compromising on aesthetics. The awning has become an integral part of their lifestyle, allowing them to host gatherings and spend quality time outdoors with family and friends.


This installation in Manhattan Beach, CA, is a testament to how a motorized overlook awning from Apollo Screens can enhance both the functionality and appearance of a modern balcony. If you have a contemporary outdoor space, a modern awning is an essential addition that will not only provide comfort and style but also transform your weekends into memorable experiences.