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Why Is a Hinged Screen Door Better than a retractable screen door? (Spoiler Alert: It Isn't)

When it comes to screen doors, visibility is a key factor. Traditional hinged screen doors are always in sight, reminding you of their presence even when they're not in use. On the other hand, retractable screen doors like offer an "invisible" advantage. These screens vanish when not needed, blending seamlessly with the doorway. This feature is particularly appealing for those who value the aesthetic appeal of their homes. Imagine a screen door that doesn’t alter the look of your entryway but is there when you need it. The housing unit of retractable screens can be color-matched to your doorway, ensuring it remains unobtrusive and blends in with the overall design of your home​​.

Ease of Use: One Door, Not Two

The convenience of retractable screen doors can't be overstated. Unlike hinged screen doors, which can be cumbersome to open and close, retractable screens provide an easy-to-use alternative. They smoothly slide in and out of place, thanks to their ultra-smooth track guides and roll control features. This means you no longer have to deal with the hassle of opening or closing two doors every time you step in or out of your home. It’s a simple, one-step process to enjoy fresh air without the annoyance of a cumbersome second door. This ease of use is a game-changer for many homeowners, making retractable screens a preferred choice for their practicality and convenience​​.

Color Matching and Home Design Integration

Retractable screen doors offer a level of customization that traditional hinged screen doors can't match. The ability to choose a color that matches your home's design is a significant advantage. This customization extends beyond mere functionality; it's about enhancing the elegance and overall aesthetic of your living space. With a range of color options, retractable screens can be tailored to complement your home’s exterior and interior, ensuring they don’t look out of place or disrupt the design flow. They don’t just serve a practical purpose; they become a part of your home’s charm and elegance.

When you think of a hinged screen door what comes to mind? An old home with a battered, worn out creaky screen. Retractable screens are sleek, modern and highly functional. Nobody wants to look at a screen door, but everyone wants to feel the smoothness of a retractable screen.

Smooth Operation: A Mark of Quality

The quality of a screen door is often judged by how smoothly it operates. Better quality retractable screens are designed for effortless operation. Their ultra-smooth screen guides ensure a seamless glide along the track, a stark contrast to the often clunky and awkward movement of traditional hinged screen doors. This smooth operation is not just a convenience; it's a sign of high-quality engineering. Each movement is refined, reflecting the care and attention to detail that goes into every retractable screen door. This superior operation makes retractables the leader in the industry, providing a level of sophistication and ease that traditional screen doors simply cannot match​​​​.

Swinging screen doors haven't changed in appearance nor design for a century or more. Modern retractable screens like Phantom Screens and Apollo Retractable Screens continue to inovate and improve year over year.

Longevity and Durability: Built to Last

Durability is a cornerstone of well made retractable screens. These screens are constructed from materials designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional screen doors. The proprietary brass bushing used in their housing cap is a testament to this durability, guaranteeing that the screen will last for decades. This long-lasting quality means not only fewer replacements over the years but also a consistent performance that you can rely on. The investment in a retractable screen door thus becomes a long-term solution for your home, combining elegance with enduring quality​​​​.

Hinged screens are usually made of the lightest, cheapest aluminum that will function. The value of a hinged door is usually it's price point, not its longevity or durabiliy. Retractable Screen Doors sometimes even come with lifetime warranty.

Enhancing Home Value: More Than Just a Screen Door

Retractable screen doors are not just a functional addition to your home; they are a value-adding upgrade. In contrast to traditional screen doors, which often detract from a home’s aesthetic, retractable screens enhance the overall look and feel of your property. They are seen as a modern, elegant feature that adds to the home's value. This is particularly important for homeowners who are mindful of not only the functionality but also the visual appeal of their home improvements. By choosing a retractable screen door, you are investing in a feature that elevates your home’s market appeal. Nobody ever gets excited about a hinged screen.

Customization: Tailored to Your Home

One of the standout features of Apollo retractable screens is their unparalleled customization. These screens are designed to fit any door, be it French doors, arched entryways, or patio doors, ensuring a universal fit for diverse architectural styles. Homeowners can choose from a variety of material types, mesh colors, track and guide systems, latching options, and more. This level of customization means that your retractable screen door is not just another addition to your home; it's a tailored, integrated feature that enhances your living space both functionally and aesthetically​​​​.

Installation: Simplicity and Flexibility

The installation of Apollo Shades retractable screen doors is a straightforward process, designed to be as hassle-free as possible. These systems can be installed on virtually any single door frame and are adaptable to various door sizes, including French doors. The installation process typically takes less than an hour for a single door, making it a quick and efficient home improvement project. The flexibility and ease of installation mean that adding a retractable screen door to your home is not a daunting task but a simple upgrade that can be enjoyed almost immediately​​​​.

Enhanced Safety

An often-overlooked advantage of retractable screen doors over traditional hinged screens is their contribution to safety. Retractable screens are designed with safety in mind, eliminating the risk of accidents associated with the abrupt closing of hinged doors. Moreover, their robust construction offers an additional layer of security. Unlike hinged doors that can easily be left ajar, retractable screens ensure a secure closure every time. This feature is especially beneficial in households with children and pets, where safety is a primary concern.

FAQ: Addressing Common Queries

To further assist potential customers, here are some frequently asked questions about retractable screen doors:

  • What is a retractable screen door? A retractable screen door is a screen attached to a roller tube, which rolls up into a housing unit when not in use, ideal for single entry and French doors​​.
  • How difficult is it to install a retractable screen door? Installation is straightforward and can be done efficiently by a certified installer, typically taking 30 to 45 minutes for a single door​​.
  • What door sizes will this system fit? The system fits almost any single door frame up to 110″ in height and 60″ in width. For French doors, installations up to 96″ wide are possible​​.
  • What does the system include? The kit includes all necessary components like the slow-close speed reducer, housing, pull bar, roller tube, magnet assembly, screening material, handles, and more​​.
  • Why use sill adapters in the installation? Sill adapters are often necessary for a seamless blend and proper operation of the new screen with your existing door frame​​.


In conclusion, while traditional hinged screen doors have their place, the advantages of retractable screen doors, especially those offered by higher quality companies like Phantom or Apollo, are clear. They blend invisibly into your home’s design, are easy to use, offer better color matching, operate smoothly, are built to last, enhance home value, and offer unparalleled customization. The simplicity and flexibility of their installation make them an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Choosing a retractable screen door is not just choosing a screen; it’s choosing a lifestyle upgrade.