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Motorized Shade Installation in Lake Las Vegas

A serene residence in the beautiful Lake Las Vegas neighborhood wanted to capitalize on the joys of their California room. Like many homeowners, they envisioned a space where they could enjoy the outdoors without the persistent interference of bugs and the glaring sun. This aspiration, however, w...

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The Power Screen Solution

In Bondurant, IA, homeowners struggled to make the most of their spacious open patio. The intense rays of the evening sun made relaxation a challenge, and the patio's high ceilings further complicated finding a solution.

California Room Drop Shade San Marcos-7140.jpg
Embracing the Apollo Motorized Shade

In San Marcos, California, as the evening sun cast long shadows, a particular home sought refuge from its persistent rays. Their California room, though a perfect space, lacked protection from the sun's overwhelming intensity.

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Can you use a retractable screen door for French doors?

Absolutely! French doors are a beautiful architectural feature in many homes, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. However, one common challenge homeowners face with French doors is how to enjoy the fresh air without letting in unwanted bugs. Enter retractable screen doors. Spe...

OW Vanishing Screen Carlsbad-6013.jpg
Carlsbad's Screened Solution

Carlsbad, California boasts homes with breathtaking views and the tantalizing promise of a refreshing ocean breeze. However, one homeowner faced a dilemma: how to relish this natural luxury without the constant interruption of bugs.

Invisible Long Pull Hunington Beach 1-8945.jpg
Front Door Long Pull Apollo Screen

In the heart of Huntington Beach, a home wished to bask in the calming coastal breezes. Yet, the uninvited pests often became a cause for concern.

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Apollo Motorized Shades

With the installation of Apollo motorized shades, the outdoor space was rejuvenated. These shades not only offer protection from the sun and wind but also introduce an element of privacy. Now, the homeowners can relish in their deck's comfort, ensuring every outdoor moment is as pleasurable a...

Rancho Cucamonga Front Retractable 1-2237.jpg
Apollo's French Door Screens

Enter the Apollo French door screens — the epitome of design and functionality. Not only do these screens effectively keep out unwanted pests, but they also blend effortlessly with the doorway, offering a virtually seamless look. For residen...

Long Pull Garden Grove-6951.jpg
Apollo Retractable Patio Screens

Apollo's retractable screens presented the perfect remedy. Crafted for ease and elegance, these screens can be effortlessly deployed when the need arises, ensuring a bug-free experience. When not in use, the screen gracefully recedes, preserving the home's aesthetic appeal. This addition...

Seamless Function for French Doors

For their French doors, the ideal choice was Apollo's double screen door. This design meets seamlessly in the middle, secured by a magnet, ensuring an uninterrupted view and effortless access. What distinguishes this retractable screen from others is its gentle retraction mechanism, eliminati...

From Alumawood to Ultimate Comfort

Situated in scenic Folsom, California, a homeowner sought to maximize the potential of their alumawood pergola. While the pergola offered an aesthetic charm, the pressing Californian sun often diminished its allure as a relaxation spot.

Anaheim Oasis

In the vibrant neighborhood of Anaheim, a homeowner took a leap towards enhancing their outdoor living experience. Their outdoor kitchen, an area designed for enjoyment and entertainment, required a touch of adaptation to maximize its potential.