Long Pull Screen for French Bedroom Door

Welcome to an Encinitas home where practicality meets sophistication. Experience the difference with Apollo Screens' innovative addition - a retractable long pull screen gracing a French door in a bedroom. Crafted to perfection, this single screen is designed to cover a double door, making it...

Double Door Screen in La Jolla, California

Experience the epitome of outdoor living in La Jolla, California, with Apollo Screens' innovative double door screen installation. Designed to elevate your courtyard experience, this addition combines convenience and comfort seamlessly. Featuring a unique pinning mechanism, one side can be se...

An Unobtrusive Addition: Oceanside Home's Front Door Retractable Screen

Discover the perfect harmony of practicality and elegance in an oceanside home. Apollo Screens presents a discreet yet highly effective solution - a single front door retractable screen that complements the home's picturesque aesthetic. This i...

Apollo Powerscreens in Meadowlark Community, Murrieta, CA

In the picturesque Meadowlark community of Murrieta, California, a new realm of outdoor living awaits. Introducing a truly transformative addition to your home: a California Room enveloped in the innovation of Apollo Powerscreens. With a focus on seamless integration and unmatched functionality,...

Motorized Gazebo Shade in Folsom

Step into a world of unparalleled outdoor luxury with Apollo Screens' latest installation in Folsom - a motorized gazebo shade. Crafted to perfection, this shade is not just an addition; it's a game-changer. With its 97 Nano black fabric, it offers a unique combination of features that re...

Apollo's Retractable French Door Screens

Experience the epitome of sophistication with Apollo's retractable screens, the perfect addition to your French doors. Our expertise in crafting specialized retractable screens for French doors ensures that your entryways are enhanced...

Backyard Shade Enhancement in Corona, CA

Unlock the true potential of your Corona, CA backyard with an ingenious shade solution by Apollo Screens. Designed to transform your outdoor experience, this addition focuses on comfort and aesthetics. With the use of the 90 Desert Sand Fabric, the installation is strategically placed to eliminat...

Motorized Exterior Shade Enhances Comfort and Views

Discover the epitome of sophistication and comfort in a Palos Verdes home, where Apollo Screens has introduced a game-changing addition. With our motorized exterior shade featuring a 95 percent solar mesh by Twitchell, this installation...

Apollo Motorized Patio Shades in Menifee

Experience the epitome of outdoor living with Apollo's motorized patio shades, transforming a Menifee home into a seamless oasis. These innovative shades act as a protective shield, sealing the patio space and keeping pesky bugs at bay. Say g...

Motorized Cable Guided Shades in Murrieta, CA

Discover a serene oasis in the heart of Murrieta, CA, as our delighted homeowner embraces the ultimate living experience with motorized cable guided shades in their California room. Even with an unfinished backyard, they can now savor the beauty o...

Motorized Shades for Gazebos on the Golf Course

Discover the epitome of luxury and comfort in an Artisia home boasting not one, but two picturesque gazebos overlooking a scenic golf course. To enhance this idyllic setting, Apollo Screens has installed four cable-guided motorized shades, elevati...

Motorized Exterior Window Shade in Granite Bay

Experience the ultimate comfort and protection near Sacramento in Granite Bay with Apollo's motorized exterior window shade. This innovative installation boasts Nano 95 Stone Texture fabric, designed to combat indoor heat and shield your inter...