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Sahara Powerscreen - Meridian_ ID (2).jpg
Transforming Patios with Apollo's Motorized Patio Shades
Discover how Apollo Screens revolutionized a backyard patio in the neighborhood of Meridian, ID, providing year-round comfort with their state-of-the-art Motorized Patio Shades.
Single Door - La Palma_CA (2).jpg
Case Study: Enhancing a La Palma Home with a Dutch Door Screen Installation
In the charming neighborhood of La Palma, CA, a homeowner sought to enhance their picturesque Dutch door without compromising its aesthetic appeal. The goal was to enjoy a refreshing breeze while keeping insects at bay. Apollo Screens provided the perfect solution with our custom-measured retractabl...
Tall door Desert Sand - Kuna_ID.jpg
Case Study: Enhancing a Beautiful Front Door with an Apollo Retractable Screen Door in Kuna, ID
In Kuna, ID, a homeowner with a beautiful front door wanted to enjoy the fresh air without compromising the aesthetics of their entrance. They chose Apollo Screens for a sleek, seamless solution: a retractable screen door in Desert Sand.
bronze front retractable - boise_ ID.jpg
Transforming Entryways: A Bronze Front Retractable Screen Door Installation in Boise, ID
When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home, the last thing you want is an unsightly screen door disrupting your carefully curated style. This was precisely the concern for a homeowner in Boise, ID, who recently opted for an Apollo retractable screen door to enhance their entryway...
Garage Powerscreen - Torrance_ CA (1).jpg
Transforming a Torrance Garage with Motorized Patio Shades
When it comes to creating the perfect home gym, environment matters. In Torrance, CA, one homeowner faced a common problem: their garage gym was too hot and lacked privacy. The solution? Apollo Screens' Motorized Patio Shades.
Long Pull - OC (1).jpg
Transforming an Office Space with a Long Pull Retractable Screen Door in Anaheim, CA
In the heart of Anaheim, CA, a local business was facing an all-too-common problem: a stuffy office space. With a set of beautiful French doors that remained closed most of the time, the office was deprived of natural ventilation. This case study explores how a long pull retractable screen door from...
Off White Single Retractable - Canton_ GA (1).jpg
Case Study: Off White Single Retractable Screen Door Installation in Canton, GA
In the charming neighborhood of Canton, GA, the Adams family was in search of a sleek and functional solution to enjoy the pleasant outdoor breeze without inviting unwelcome bugs into their home. Their search led them to Apollo Screens, where they found the perfect answer: an off white single retrac...
Champagne Single - Anaheim Hills_ CA (3).jpg
Transforming Homes with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors: A Champagne Single Installation in Anaheim Hills, CA
If you're in Anaheim and have a screen door you're not happy with, Apollo Screens can fix that. Our retractable screen doors are clean, smooth, and quite the upgrade from traditional options. This case study highlights the installation of a Champagne Single retractable screen door in a beautiful hom...
Black Double Set - Woodland Hills_ CA.jpg
Modern Home Enhancement: Black Double Set Retractable Screen Door Installation in Woodland Hills, CA
When it comes to blending modern aesthetics with functionality, Apollo Screens stands out as the premier choice. Recently, we had the opportunity to install a Black Double Set Retractable Screen Door for a beautiful home in Woodland Hills, CA. This case study highlights how our sleek, nearly invisib...
Front Door retractable - Meridian_ ID (1).jpg
Bringing the Outdoors In: A Case Study on Front Doorway Retractable Screens in Meridian, ID
In the charming neighborhood of Meridian, ID, the Johnson family was looking for a way to enjoy fresh air without the hassle of bugs invading their home. Their front doorway needed a solution that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing. That’s where Apollo Screens stepped in.
Motorized Awning Norwalk CA.jpg
Case Study: Transforming a Norwalk Porch with a Modern Retractable Awning
In the heart of Norwalk, CA, a homeowner sought to enhance their outdoor living experience. With the scorching summer heat fast approaching, they needed a solution that would provide ample shade without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their porch. The answer was a modern retractable awning from...
White Awning - Malibu_CA.jpg
Enhancing Modern Aesthetics with a White Cassette Awning in Malibu, CA
In the picturesque neighborhood of Malibu, CA, a stunning modern home received a significant upgrade with the installation of a white cassette awning. The homeowners sought a solution that would not only provide ample shade but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of their sleek, contemporary residence...