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Balcony screen - Solana Beach_ CA (2).jpg
Case Study: Enhancing Airflow in Solana with Apollo's Large Door Manual Screen
Project Overview In the serene neighborhood of Solana, California, a homeowner sought an innovative solution to enjoy the gentle breezes without the annoyance of insects. The challenge was significant: how to cover a massive 14-foot doorway that opened to a stunning outdoor view. Apollo Screens step...
Retractable Door above Ramp_ Garden City_ID.jpg
Enhancing Accessibility: Custom Retractable Screen Door Installation Above a Ramp in Garden City, ID
In Garden City, Idaho, a unique challenge presented itself when homeowners sought a screen solution for a front door equipped with a ramp. Accessibility and convenience were paramount for this family, emphasizing the need for a functional yet unobtrusive system that would accommodate the ramp while...
Tall Door Retractable _ Eagle_ ID.jpg
Enhancing Modern Doors with Apollo's Retractable Screen Solutions in Eagle, ID
n the picturesque neighborhood of Eagle, ID, homeowners are embracing the blend of aesthetics and functionality with Apollo's cutting-edge retractable screen doors. These innovative screens are not just an accessory; they are a game-changer for residents seeking to enhance their modern homes while m...
Retractable Screen Door  - Roseville_ CA.jpg
Enhancing Elegance in Roseville: A Showcase of Apollo's Retractable Screen Door Installation
In the scenic neighborhood of Roseville, California, a notable residence recently upgraded its aesthetic and functional appeal with one of Apollo's top-tier retractable screen doors. This case study highlights the seamless integration of style and efficiency brought by our retractable screen door, d...
Apollo Retractable - Roseville_ CA.jpg
Enjoy a Breezy Summer Without the Bugs: Apollo Retractable Screen Doors Installation in Roseville, CA
As summer approaches, the desire to open up our homes to the fresh air increases, but so does the annoyance of bugs. The perfect solution? Apollo Retractable Screen Doors—where functionality meets aesthetics. A recent installation in Roseville, CA showcases how Apollo's invisible screen doors not on...
Entry Way Retractable Door - Carmichael_ CA.jpg
Elevating Entryways with Apollo’s Retractable Screen Doors: A Carmichael Case Study
In the picturesque neighborhood of Carmichael, California, a recent installation of Apollo's Retractable Screen Doors has transformed an ordinary entryway into a statement of style and functionality. The project, centered around the theme "If you've got style - we've got the screen door you've been...
Powerscreen Barndominimum Plymouth _ CA (6).jpg
Enhancing Vineyard Views and Comfort: Apollo PowerScreen Installation at a Plymouth Barndominium
In the picturesque landscapes of Plymouth, California, a unique property, a Barndominium, recently underwent a significant transformation that highlights the intersection of modern living and rustic charm. The Apollo PowerScreen installation project at this property not only amplified the aesthetics...
Titan Security - Auburn_ CA.jpg
Enhancing Home Security and Comfort in Auburn, CA: The Titan Security Door Installation
In the serene neighborhood of Auburn, California, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to enhance both security and comfort. Recognizing this need, a recent installation of a Titan Security Door has demonstrated how advanced security features can harmoniously blend with lifestyle enhancement...
Double Door Retractable -Oceanside CA (2).jpg
Enhance Your Balcony Experience with a Double Retractable Screen Door
Imagine enjoying the cool breeze and natural light from your balcony without the annoyance of bugs or debris. For residents with French doors leading to their balconies, the challenge has always been how to merge indoor comfort with the allure of outdoor living. This is where the double retractable...
Mira Mesa Motorized Patio Shade 27.jpg
Motorized Patio Shades: Enhancing Outdoor Living in Mira Mesa
In the bustling neighborhood of Mira Mesa, CA, a modern home required an innovative solution to enhance its outdoor living space. The homeowner desired the flexibility to enclose their patio at will, maximizing comfort without sacrificing the beauty of their outdoor view. The solution? Apollo's top-...
Algonquin_ IL Gazebo Shade 8.jpg
Transforming Outdoor Gazebo Comfort with Motorized Patio Shades in Algonquin, IL
In Algonquin, Illinois, a unique gazebo transformation showcases the remarkable benefits of Motorized Patio Shades, particularly when enhancing outdoor living spaces for year-round enjoyment. A local family found a stylish solution to a common problem, leveraging Apollo Screens' expertise to elevate...
Front Door Retractable- Scripps Ranch_ CA-3.jpg
Enhancing Modern Homes with Invisible Elegance: A Case Study in Scripps Ranch
In the tranquil neighborhood of Scripps Ranch in San Diego, the introduction of a front door retractable screen from Apollo Screens has redefined the concept of seamless integration in home design. This project exemplifies how discreet functionality and modern aesthetics can coalesce to enhance the...