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Insta Clairemont Front Door Screen2.jpg
Enjoy the Breeze without the Bugs: Apollo Screens' Innovative Solution for French Doors in Clairemont
In the charming neighborhood of Clairemont, San Diego, homeowners enjoy the mild climate and beautiful breezes that the area offers. However, with these breezes often come unwelcome guests—bugs. This was the case for one particular home with stunning French doors that, while aesthetically pleasing a...
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Seamless Integration: Apollo Retractable Screen Doors Perfect for French Doors in Coronado, CA
When it comes to enhancing the usability and comfort of homes with French doors, finding the right screen solution that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics can be a challenge. However, homeowners in Coronado, CA, have discovered the ideal solution with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors. Designed to blend...
Insta Fairbanks Ranch Balcony French door Screens 11.jpg
Elegant Breeze without the Bugs: Apollo's Retractable Screen Doors at Fairbanks Ranch
In the serene neighborhood of Fairbanks Ranch in Carmel Valley, residents cherish their stunning views and breezy afternoons. However, the local bug population can often turn opening the doors to catch a gentle breeze into a nuisance. This was the challenge facing one homeowner who wanted to enjoy t...
Huntington Beach Single Retractable Screen8.jpg
Enjoy a Bug-Free Breeze with Apollo's Back Door Retractable Screen in Huntington Beach
As the warm days of summer approach, residents of Huntington Beach are turning to Apollo Screens to enhance their homes with both functionality and aesthetic appeal. A perfect example of this trend is a recent installation of a back door retractable screen in the vibrant neighborhood of Huntington B...
Outdoor Patio Screens- Darien Ct (1).jpg
Transform Your Outdoor Space with Apollo's Motorized Patio Screens in Fairfield, CT
In the picturesque neighborhood of Fairfield, CT, a homeowner's dream of blending indoor comfort with the allure of the outdoors was realized with the installation of Apollo's Motorized Patio Screens. These top-of-the-line screens provide a seamless transition from the cozy interiors to the expansiv...
Outdoor Privacy Shades- Westport Ct. (1).jpg
How Motorized Patio Shades Transformed a Westport Patio into a Private Retreat
In the heart of Westport, CT, a recent installation of Apollo's Motorized Patio Shades has dramatically enhanced a private residence, delivering not just shade but an admirable level of privacy and convenience. The project, dubbed "Privacy Shades," represents a perfect blend of functionality and aes...
Elk Grove Motorized Solar Shade (4).jpg
Transforming Backyard Spaces: Motorized Privacy Shades in Elk Grove Village, IL
When the residents of a charming home in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, recognized the need for enhanced privacy and comfort in their backyard, they turned to a solution that combines elegance with functionality—Motorized Privacy Shades. These innovative shades are not only designed to provide privacy...
Mira Mesa Motorized Patio Shade (2).jpg
Enhancing Modern Homes with Motorized Patio Shades in Mira Mesa, San Diego
In the heart of Mira Mesa, a vibrant neighborhood of San Diego, a modern home required a solution that matched its contemporary design while offering functionality and comfort. The project centered around installing Motorized Patio Shades to provide the homeowners with the flexibility to transform t...
Front Retractable Screens - Boise_ ID (1).jpg
Enhancing Boise Homes with Apollo Retractable Screen Doors: A Breath of Fresh Air Without the Bugs
In the picturesque neighborhoods of Boise, Idaho, homeowners cherish their connection to the vibrant outdoors. However, inviting the outside in doesn't mean hosting uninvited pests. Apollo Retractable Screen Doors offer an elegant solution, combining seamless functionality with sophisticated design...
PowerScreen Meridian_ID.jpg
Transform Your Patio with a Touch: Apollo’s Motorized Powerscreen in Meridian
In the tranquil neighborhood of Meridian, Idaho, a recent addition to a local residence is setting the standard for outdoor living and neighborly envy. Apollo Screens’ latest installation of their Motorized Patio Powerscreen not only enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the home’s exterior b...
Fond du Lac Deck Shades- (7).jpg
Transforming Outdoor Spaces: The Seamless Integration of Motorized Deck Shades in Fond du Lac
Nestled on the edge of a bustling golf course in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a recent project featuring motorized deck shades stands as a testament to the intersection of luxury, functionality, and seamless design. This endeavor was not just any installation but a collaboration that highlighted the impo...
Patio Shade- Armonk NY-2.jpg
Case Study: Enhancing Outdoor Comfort with Motorized Patio Shades in Armonk, NY
Summer in Armonk, NY, brings with it the promise of long, sunny days perfect for enjoying outdoor living spaces. However, the intense sunlight can also lead to discomfort, with excessive glare making it difficult to relax or entertain on patios and decks. A local homeowner faced this very issue, see...